VbSS is not supported in this conference issue, VisualPro and Trio.


VbSS is not supported in this conference issue, VisualPro and Trio.

Hi and thank you for reading. Just set up a Trio 8800 with a VisualPro (Pano connected). When trying to transmit content it seems only the O365 users in the company can see it, with the other SfB 2015 users unable. If in a conference with only a SfB 2015 user I get an error message of "Cannot share content. VbSS is not supported in this conference". 


As far as I can tell, VbSS is supported by SfB 2015


The trio is on 5.8.0

VisualPro is on 6.2

The infrastucture is on Prem SfB 2015 and the clients that we were having trouble with were 


Help would be appreciated. 



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Re: VbSS is not supported in this conference issue, VisualPro and Trio.

Hi @RyanK333,


the ability to support VBSS by default is granted from SfB-client version 16.x, so you need to upgrade.

Maybe it´s also disabled on server-side, please have a look at you SfB-server with command "Get-CsMediaConfiguration". Status has to be "EnableVideoBasedSharing = True".

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Re: VbSS is not supported in this conference issue, VisualPro and Trio.

Video-based Screen Sharing requires Skype for Business Server 2015 CU3 or later, and a current version of the supporting clients listed in Mobile client feature comparison for Skype for Business and Meetings support.

There are situations where screen-sharing will transition to RDP, like these:

  • If your account is hosted in an environment where the ASMCU doesn't meet the minimum build that supports VbSS.
  • If someone who uses an older version of the Skype for Business client joins your session, for example anyone using any Windows client version that is lower than 16.0.6330.1000, Skype for Business Room System Devices, or Skype for Business Mobile Apps.
  • If a user is sharing from the Skype for Business Web App.
  • If someone is using Skype for Business on Mac and not is homed on Skype for Business Online or Skype for Business Server 2015 with the July, 2018 cumulative update (or later).
  • If someone starts any Program/Windows Sharing.
  • If someone starts recording the session.
  • If someone invokes Remote Screen Control during the session.
  • Meetings with more than 250 participants (where VbSS is not currently supported).

Be aware that once the session transitions to RDP it will not transition back to VbSS. Again, the transition from VbSS is meant to be seamless, and, with hope, will not be easy to detect in most situations.


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Re: VbSS is not supported in this conference issue, VisualPro and Trio.

Been looking allover for a solution, and this thread is the closest I've come.

Trio 8800 -

VisualPro -


On the trio:



On the VisPro:


replaced with



yet i'm still getting a 

"Cannot present VbSS content in this confrence"


I know that VbSS is disabled on out Skype server, thusly why attempting to force it to send RDP.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?


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Re: VbSS is not supported in this conference issue, VisualPro and Trio.

Hello @techmerc ,


Welcome to the Poly Community.


Please get this into support so we can look at this.

In order to raise a support ticket, you need to work with your Poly reseller as they may need to do this for you.

End Customers are usually unable to open a ticket directly with Poly support.

If this is some sort of an Internet discounter providing your MAC address or your Poly devices serial will enable us to look up who would be able to support you. This may not be who you purchased the Poly device from.

If the unit is no longer within the warranty please be prepared to Pay Per Incident / PPI. This is all outlined in detail here

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier


If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

The title Poly Employee & Community Manager is a community setting and does not reflect my role. I am just a simple volunteer in the community like everybody else. All posts and words are my own & do not represent the views of Employer.


Notice: This community forum is not an official Poly support resource, thus responses from Poly employees, partners, and customers alike are best-effort in attempts to share learned knowledge. If you need immediate and/or official assistance please open a service ticket through your proper support channels.
Please also ensure you always check the VoIP , Video Endpoint , Skype for Business , PSTN or RPM FAQ's
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Re: VbSS is not supported in this conference issue, VisualPro and Trio.

you can find in documentation :



"Prior to VbSS support, Polycom Trio systems supported only Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for receiving content."




"Note that RealPresence Group Series systems can receive RDP content, but cannot send RDP content."


i hope that help you .


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