[FAQ] What is the relevance of the sip.cfg and phone1.cfg files?

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[FAQ] What is the relevance of the sip.cfg and phone1.cfg files?



Prior to the release of UCS 3.3.0 the Polycom Phones always required to load the standard features matching the SIP Software they had installed.


Above was achived via the sip.cfg and a phone1.cfg.


The SIP Software downloaded and installed always came with a sip.cfg and a phone1.cfg matching the SIP version including all standard parameters are values deemed to work with the matching Software Version.


NOTE: Polycom does not recommend to use different sip.cfg and/or phone1.cfg not matching the installed SIP Software!


The files are stored on the Provisioning Server and the best practices is to load individual configuration files containing only the changes via a <mac>.cfg and or 000000000000.cfg and include the sip.cfg and sip.cfg and a phone1.cfg in the CONFIG_FILES="".


For more details please check => here <= and consult the matching Admin Guide.




below specifies the changes introduced using UC Software 3.3.0 or newer.


Polycom UC Software 3.3.0 contains significant improvements to facilitate and simplify phone configuration and deployment.


These improvements include:


  • New functionality
  • Improvements to existing functionality
  • Improved debug capability
  • Removal of complex features
  • Safe Defaults for All Parameters 




  • It is no longer necessary to load the default sip.cfg and phone1.cfg files to ensure proper operation.

    This saves approximately 200 KB from being downloaded from the provisioning server for every phone, and will result in improved boot speed, particularly in ‘power failure recovery’ scenarios.

    Now, you only have to manage non-default parameters.



  • To take advantage of this change, you need to remove existing sip.cfg and phone1.cfg templates from the 000000000000.cfg or <MAC Address>.cfg files.

  • For administrators that have created their own custom configuration files (for example, by combining sip.cfg and phone1.cfg), all parameters that are set to default values need to be removed.

    You can use the => cfcUtility <= to convert existing configuration files.

Change is mandatory:


  • Since the sip.cfg and phone1.cfg files are no longer distributed with the release, this change will need to be made.

Note: For more details please check the attached technical bulletin 60519!


If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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