Bob Knauf
Polycom Employee

As a proud sponsor of the Sundance Institute, Polycom works with filmmakers from around the globe to allow their creativity to flow when working with diverse teams or actors, producers, editors, writers and more.


Independent filmmakers are faced with many challenges during the process of bringing a story to life.   From finding financing, security shooting locations and pulling in a lot of favors, sometimes filmmakers just want to throw their hands up and give up.



In celebration of the independent filmmaker and Polycom’s sponsorship of the Sundance Institute, we have interviewed a number of very creative directors, writers and producers for our Filmmaker Series.   Throughout Sundance 2016, we will share these stories as well as numerous video reports and updates from the Festival. Polycom gear will be used in all the Sundance theaters to facilitate Q&A sessions for remote participants.


Our first story is that of independent filmmaker, Erik Mauck with the Austin Film Society. Erik has worked on countless projects in his young career. His latest being a full-length feature film, 29 Light Years, a story of a 29 year old trying to find his path in life. Erik walks us through his process and talks about the challenges and rewards of independent filmmaking.


Stay tuned for our next #FilmmakerSeries!


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