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Remote Doctor Live Access Control Saves Lives


Max Life Telemedicine systems provides live streaming video, audio, and diagnostic device capabilities to doctors who can remotely access ambulances and portable clinic cases to diagnose and treat patients. Maintain a high-quality Polycom audio/video call in transit with multiple carrier redundancy and bandwidth bonding.



  • Proven connectivity while in transit and standing still
  • Precise and easy to use telemedicine, video/audio application
  • Custom, ruggedized hardware systems
  • Simple to use and proven connectivity = Best Patient Outcome


Max Life offers comprehensive telemedicine systems designed for the following needs:

  • Ambulance (Mobile Stroke Unit, Pediatric Transport, Cardio Transport, and General Emergency Transport)
  • Clinic Cases (Portable Units with Mobile Connectivity and Medical Devices)
  • Home Healthcare
  • Patient Follow-up Care
  • Telemedicine Hospital Carts (ER Carts, Bedside Carts, Surgical Room Carts)

Max Life offers full support systems of products and connectivity services including hardware, software, proven connectivity, support and training.



Frank J. Ferlito

Email: fjf@maxlifelive.com


Cell: 239.810.4146






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Your automated test platform for validating Polycom customer rollouts and updates


With onPOINT™ , you can automate remote feature testing of your Polycom endpoints in enterprise and service provider customer deployments, including monitoring and diagnostics reports of test results. Testing can be scheduled or executed on demand to ensure consistent high quality operation of your communications solution. You can realize significant cost savings, improve your customer satisfaction and put your engineers to better use!



  • Accelerate deployment of new customers and upgrades
  • Reduce costs significantly through automated vs manual testing
  • Improve network quality, test more phones, and test more often



onPOINT™ is an automation platform that can test Polycom endpoints in a communications network. Beyond just monitoring the health of the endpoints, onPOINT can automatically run test scripts to ensure all phone features are working as expected.


Regular updates to a variety of network elements and endpoints puts a burden on your service engineers to test changes and roll out updates reliably. By automating endpoint testing, you can realize significant cost savings, improve your network and end-to-end solution quality and free up your engineers from hours of manually testing communications and features after the updates.



Email: sales@tekvizion.com

+1 214 242 5900




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For Axtel, sound quality, reliability and maximum comfort of use are the main features of a perfectly designed headset.


          Axtel Headsets, when technology meets effectiveness



  • Made of highest quality material
  • User-experience focus
  • HD Sound quality



When designing our products, we focus on expectations and needs of users, as we aim to create the products that facilitate the work of our Clients. For Axtel, sound quality, reliability and maximum comfort of use are the main features of a perfectly designed headset. Using Axtel headsets you can maximize benefits of Polycom Unified Communications (UC) solutions.



Email: sales@axtelheadsets.com





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Deltapath® Connector™ extends the reach of Polycom® RealPresence Trio™ from huddle rooms to mobile teams, and connects the broadest range of Polycom endpoints to third party UC infrastructure


Deltapath Connector is a solution that envisions the workplace as an ecosystem of equipment, devices, and other things that must seamlessly and collectively work together. Specifically, the Connector allows all Polycom endpoints and infrastructure to connect to each other by extension number or room number.  It is designed with a simplified approach that includes a firewall, Session Border Controller, audio conferencing bridge, SIP proxy, call routing engine, and endpoint-provisioning server all in a single device. The all-in-one architecture offers native support for Polycom devices in telephony, video, content sharing, mobile video conferencing and endpoint provisioning.





  • Integrate all of your Polycom endpoints and infrastructure with your voice network
  • Eliminate spending on expensive audio conferencing bridge services
  • Increase productivity and make decisions faster with mobile collaboration
  • Secure your virtual meeting rooms with one time disposable guest access code
  • Reduce your video infrastructure complexity by adapting an all-in-one central video controller that does the job



Stephen Kwok

VP, Worldwide Sales, Deltapath

Email: solutions@deltapath.com




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Array’ Telepresence solves the “bowling alley effect” to deliver an Immersive Telepresence view of room participants


The Array DX Camera and Image Processor enable lifesize, immersive telepresence in regular rooms using Polycom Group Series codecs



  • Enables immersive telepresence in rooms with dual displays using Polycom Group Series codecs
  • Improves both incoming and outgoing scene—even if the other side isn’t equipped with Equal-i
  • Easily upgrade existing conference rooms with no impact on bandwidth or video network infrastructure

Array Telepresence’s Equal-i Technology enables immersive telepresence in standard conference rooms using an organization’s existing videoconferencing system.  The company’s revolutionary cameras and image processor dramatically improve the scene  Comprised of the dual head DX Camera Module and high-speed 2S Image Processor, Equal-i brings all participants up close and personal before handing it to a Polycom Group series codec. Array’s patented Equal-i Technology makes it possible to upgrade hundreds of videoconferencing rooms to an immersive telepresence experience.




The full room view without Array



The same scene with the same participants viewed from the same perspective—dramatically improved with Array




Dale Barker

VP of Channels and Business Development

Email: Dale@ArrayTelepresence.com




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LiteScape Technologies products enhance Polycom VVX Business Media Phones create a seamless communications experience by integrating corporate data, collaboration tools, and desktop PCs. The power of LiteScape products lies in their ability to integrate the IP PBX with a range of critical applications such as Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes, Salesforce.com, and WebEx.


LiteScape’s Secure Profile Management (SPM) software provides multi-factor authentication in combination with a Secure Personal Authentication Reader (SPAR)™  that is attached to the Polycom VVX phone. SPM facilitates a secure login to a Polycom phone using any combination of PIN, biometrics, magnetic card, and RFID. 



  • Increase Security – by linking an organization’s identity management system with its telephony infrastructure to provide secure authentication and policy enforcement through an IP phone
  • Personalized Access – enables users to receive personalized access to their communications applications and data, such as corporate and personal directories, on any IP phone within their network
  • Secure Mobility – SPM guarantees that users get access only to authorized applications
  • Maximize IT Investment – by taking traditionally distinct and separate technologies (identity management systems and PBXs) and make them work together

When combined with any 3rd party ID reader, SPM enables multi-factor identification and authorization through an IP phone. Security is increased by authenticating users in multiple ways from one device. SPM captures this information, validates it against information in an organization’s identity management system and then grants the user their appropriate level of access. LiteScape offers its own patented, multi-factor ID device, Secure Personal Authentication Reader (SPAR)™–one device can include barcode, RFID, magnetic cards and biometrics. Used as a ‘side-car’ to any IP phone, SPAR enables secure and encrypted exchange of authentication information at the edge of an IP network.





Email: sales@litescape.com






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At Team Polycom 2016 held last week in Nashville Tennessee, three Polycom Technology Partners were recognized for solution innovation and excellence demonstrated in 2015.


  • Deltapath - 2015 Technology Partner Innovation Award Grand Prize Winner
  • Event Zero - 2015 Technology Partner Innovation Award Finalist
  • Shure - 2015 Technology Partner Innovation Award Finalist

Deltapath  -  2015 Technology Partner Innovation Award Grand Prize Winner

Deltapath has been revolutionizing video communications to make it as simple as an ordinary phone call, anytime, anywhere on any device. Through its strategic partnership with Polycom since 2008, Deltapath provides native integration on all Polycom endpoints and collaboration servers into its frSIP UC Platform. In 2015, Deltapath® Video Mobility Controller solution added important features validated with Polycom, integrating and unifying  all Polycom video devices, routing users to conference rooms from remote locations, authenticating and authorizing users for services, implementing call-routing policies, and seamlessly providing features to Polycom users anytime, anywhere, on any device.


At TEAM Polycom 2016, Deltapath demonstrated their CSmile video contact center solution in a coordinated Customer Service demonstration with Polycom. Whether your customers connect from a video kiosk at a branch location or retail setting, or from their mobile tablets or smartphones, video is finding its place in the contact center as businesses aim to achieve a more personal communications experience with “eye contact”. Congratulations to Deltapath ,  Polycoms 2015 Technology Partner Innovation Award Grand Prize Winner.


Event Zero - 2015 Technology Partner Innovation Award Finalist

Event Zero introduced UC Commander Provisioning for Polycom in May  2015. Many customers witnessed this web-based provisioning tool in action at events like Microsoft Ignite, Infocomm, and Microsoft World Partner Conference. As one customer put it on seeing the UC Commander Provisioning at Microsoft Ignite—“I am planning on replacing 1,400 older Cisco phones with Polycom VVX phones in a migration to Skype for Business, but what I need is management tool to make VVX provisioning easy. This is exactly what I'm looking for!”  With UC Commander Provisioning for Polycom, IT can deploy Polycom endpoints using manageable blocks that can be delegated to your global team for configurations and management—all utilizing the same interface.


IT staff now have global endpoint management from log files and inventory to rebooting and direct console access—everything you need for your entire Skype for Business (Lync) or OpenSIP deployment in one easy to deploy tool. Event Zero also makes it easy to try out UC Commander Provisioning for Polycom with a 45 day free trial. Congratulations to Event Zero for being a Polycom 2015 Technology Partner Innovation Award Finalist.


Shure - 2015 Technology Partner Innovation Award Finalist

Customers are sometimes challenged with unique audio room requirements and mobile speaker use cases and ask “What wireless microphone solutions work with Polycom audio and video conferencing solutions?”  Shure answers this need with the Shure Microflex® Wireless system. The Shure Microflex Wireless system can be easily connected to Polycom conferencing audio processors and video solutions.


Microflex Wireless brings modern design, lifelike sound, and networked controls to signature boardrooms and AV conferencing environments that require high-quality, low-profile condenser microphones. Shure offers a versatile microphone selection: Wireless boundary, gooseneck, bodypack, and handheld models are available to fit any conferencing application need. With automated frequency coordination, Microflex Wireless systems actively scan the available spectrum and coordinate clean, compatible frequencies for every microphone channel.  While in use, systems automatically move away from unexpected interference. Congratulations to Shure for being a Polycom 2015 Technology Partner Innovation Award Finalist.


About the Polycom Technology Partner Program

Polycom is the global leader in standards-based unified communications (UC) solutions for telepresence, video, and voice powered by the Polycom® RealPresence® Platform. The Polycom Partner Network offers the most open ecosystem of best-in-class unified communications (UC) innovators. The Polycom Technology Partner Program accelerates the delivery of new solutions for customers in a variety of industries by enabling software applications providers, hardware device manufacturers, and conferencing solution providers to integrate their products with Polycom’s industry leading telepresence, video and voice communications solutions. The program formalizes the processes by which partners develop, test and validate interoperability with Polycom solutions. For more information, visit http://www.polycom.com/partners

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Innovation is the lifeblood of any technology organization, and it is clear that organizations today must innovate faster to remain competitive, and to ultimately deliver greater efficiency and differentiation to their customers.  The other reality is that this rapid innovation must also be delivered as cost effectively as possible.  In this world of finite resources and constricted timelines, innovation no longer takes place solely within companies, but occurs in tandem with a fully enabled technology partner ecosystem.


Polycom has long embraced technology partners within the context of the larger Polycom Partner Network, but in a move to accelerate innovation among its technology partner community, and to establish greater collaboration between Polycom product teams and its partner community, Polycom hosted its first Technology Partner Innovation Summit in San Jose in May.  This event successfully brought Polycom’s lead product managers together with key Polycom technology partners, to exchange ideas and to accelerate the innovation that takes place around Polycom products – both from within and outside of Polycom.  The Tech Partner Innovation Summit set out to:


Establish bilateral sharing of roadmap information

  • Allow innovation to accelerate, and integrations to be completed in coordination with future Polycom product releases
  • Allow partners to understand Polycom development priorities, and thus what gaps exist that they can quickly fill and drive to market

 Exchange thoughts around market and industry trends, and competitive issues

  • Better understand market and specific industry requirements, i.e. medical, education, financial service markets
  • Better understand competitive offers in the market – both strengths and shortfalls

 Provide valuable feedback

  • Exchange customer and market feedback around valued features and workflows – related to both in existing and roadmap solutions
  • Exchange feedback on API hooks that are necessary to enable and accelerate innovation – at the tech partner level


Ten Polycom technology partners attended this Summit in Q2, in the first of an ongoing event that Polycom will be hosting twice annually.  The next event, to be held in Q4, will include an expanded list of partners, interested in working closely with Polycom to innovate around the Polycom product suite, and look for these products to launch over the next several quarters, and to be showcased at TEAM Polycom 2016.    


Polycom’s innovation requires conceiving of the ‘Art of the Possible’, but it also comes from recognizing that the most important technical breakthroughs may not be developed by Polycom.  Call it an innovation hedge, but close collaboration with the Polycom technology partner ecosystem is a central strategy for both accelerating innovation and reducing the cost around delivering efficient and differentiated solutions.

Polycom Employee

The Polycom Technology Partner ecosystem continues to expand, helping Polycom to extend its solutions, and allowing these solutions to become further differentiated and more attuned to particular vertical markets.  This growth is also extending in another way – as the Polycom Partner ecosystem begins to mesh with the Microsoft partner ecosystem.   Polycom’s partnership with Microsoft continues to make an increasing impact in the market, through an expansion of integrated products, an increase in joint solution bundles and a sharp increase in the revenue directly attributable to this partnership. 


And, this impact (and growing joint install base) has not gone unnoticed by the Microsoft Partner community, who would like to, not just extend the value of Microsoft solutions in the market, but jointly extend the value of Microsoft and Polycom solutions, for those organizations that leverage both Microsoft and Polycom to support their voice, video and content requirements.   These integrated 3rd party technologies further automate and/or extend innovation around a Polycom/Microsoft deployment.


These partners generally fit within one of the following technology categories:  Gateways, Provisioning, Session Border Control (SBC), Contact Centers, Headsets, Networking and E911.  Two long time Microsoft partners, who recently joined Polycom’s Technology Partner program, are Event Zero and RedSky Communications.


Event Zero provides Lync and Polycom business phone provisioning and management.  The Event Zero product – UC Commander, automates provisioning for Polycom, in Skype for Business (Lync) or OpenSIP environments, and UC Commander provides a single interface for deploying, managing, and maintaining inventory for global endpoints. 


Additionally, UC Commander provides comprehensive management of the endpoints; from log files and inventory to rebooting and direct console access—everything needed to manage an organization-wide deployment in one easy-to-use tool.  Other key features include:

  • Dashboards – ID and locate Polycom devices – by sites, groups, models and endpoints
  • Dynamic Configurations – create global configurations, or build on it by group, model, type, site, or a specific endpoint
  • Endpoint Management – access log files (without logging into phones), quickly reboot a single phone or groups of phones
  • Reporting - combines powerful analytics for Microsoft Skype for Business (SfB) usage (call details records and quality

Another Polycom Technology Partner whose products support both Microsoft and Polycom deployments is RedSky Communications.  RedSky provides enhanced 9-1-1 (E911) services, which routes an emergency call to the appropriate 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the caller's location, and automatically displays the caller's phone number, address and location within the address.


RedSky provides both a cloud based service and on premise solution that supports Polycom and Lync deployments allowing Standard Polycom IP phones and Lync devices to become location aware, and be updated in real time.  And, RedSky’s service supports mobile users, who may be reconnecting to their network from various locations.


Today, Polycom is the only Microsoft UC partner that provides direct integration with more than 40 voice, video, and content solutions that integrate with Skype for Business / Microsoft Lync, SharePoint, Exchange and Office 365. The Polycom Microsoft partnership will continue to evolve, but will also be supported by an ecosystem of partnerships that drive differentiation in the market, and valuable innovation for customers.



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Vyopta uniquely integrates video technology into organizations’ business processes and workflows, resulting in intelligent, automated, scalable video solutions—solutions that are easy to use, and measurable—for day-to-day video communications and specialized applications. Intelligent call queuing, skills-based routing and call features streamline and automate the process, supporting features like IVR, warm transfer, transfer to first available expert (as indicated via presence). In addition to supporting desktop, mobile, web based and room video systems, Vyopta solutions' flexibility even allows deployment in kiosk-based hardware applications or cloud video applications.



  • Use video to expand the reach of your service
  • Connect customers or vendors with experts with specific skillsets or language skills
  • Easily scales for simpler deployment and support








Polycom Employee

                OPEN. CONNECT. SHARE


Steelcase media:scape integrates technology and furniture to bring people, space and information together for greater collaboration and productivity than ever before. Collaboration can, and should, happen anywhere. By creating a variety of collaborative workspaces throughout an organisation's footprint—larger team spaces, more casual impromptu spaces, previously underutilized in-between spaces—media:scape allows team members to accomplish more with others, regardless of their location. 



  • Designed with key factors such as lighting, sightlines and acoustics in mind
  • Physical puck and virtual puck connectivity
  • Designs for large and small group interactions


For over 100 years, Steelcase Inc. has helped create great experiences for the world's leading organizations, across industries. We demonstrate this through our family of brands - including Steelcase®, Coalesse®, Designtex®, Details®, PolyVision® and Turnstone®. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of architecture, furniture, technology products and services designed to unlock human promise and support social, economic and environmental sustainability. We are globally accessible through a network of channels, including over 800 dealer locations.



Terry Sullivan





Polycom Employee

Epson’s BrightLink Pro complements Polycom's collaboration solutions by turning any flat surface into a 100 inch (2.54 meters) video conferencing display and offers PC-Free Digital Whiteboarding, Whiteboard Sharing over the network and BYOD support.



  • Project your Polycom video conference and share content  on any flat surface
  • View, annotate, share images, and collaborate instantly among all participants
  • Share your whiteboard with up to 15 mobile devices or BrightLink Pros



Epson is a global innovation leader dedicated to exceeding expectations with solutions for markets as diverse as the office, home, commerce, and industry. Epson’s lineup ranges from 3LCD projectors, inkjet printers and printing systems to industrial robots, smart glasses and sensing systems and is based on original compact, energy-saving and high-precision technologies. Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the Epson Group comprises more than 73,000 employees in 94 companies around the world, and is proud of its ongoing contributions to the global environment and the communities in which it operates.



Sean Gunduz





Polycom Employee

           Put Telepresence in places never before possible


Anybots enables you to freely roam through a remote location as if you were there. Now you can walk in the front door, go where you want to go and see what you want to see.


Benefits of being there remotely:

  • Stay connected through spontaneous encounters and hallway conversations
  • Be part of events and activities even when you're on another continent
  • Know what's going on in remote locations by direct observation, not through filtered reports


Anybots, Inc. offers one of the most interactive forms of communication available today by providing the user a personal remote avatar that can be controlled through a simple browser-based interface, with intuitive controls allowing for a truly immersive experience. With Anybots you can instantly be immersed in a distant environment experiencing the forefront of a new class of communication called mobile telepresence. The Robots are equipped with a speaker, camera, and video screen. They connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi and you activate them as well as control them remotely from your computer using just a web browser from anywhere in the world.








Polycom Employee

Ashton Bentley delivers systems requiring no building works, boxed ready to ship complete with displays, audio, control and user interface. Integrating Polycom hardware into an Ashton Bentley system is simple and quick, and provides uniformity across a user’s site, or globally. Ashton Bentley systems only have 4 active components which means the systems are simple to operate and maintain wherever they are located.


           Technically advanced, easy to buy, maintain and manage and yet simple for the user to operate



  • Semi-automated operation – walk in and work
  • Assembled with no tools in hours not days
  • Modular with range of display sizes and configurations


Systems requiring no building works, and are boxed ready to ship complete with:

  • 55" or 70" Displays and in single, dual and triple configurations
  • Control Processor with audio/video processing and power management
  • Professional speakers
  • Simple user interface



Watch and see how easy it is to install an Aston Bentley system:


All housed in an ergonomic, modular and flexible freestanding chassis that can be assembled in hours, not days, with minimal skills. Optimised matching tables, either integrated or freestanding, are also available to provide a truly complete room AV collaboration system. All systems can be monitored, managed and controlled remotely via abSee, the Ashton Bentley web based monitoring platform.


C255 +Tablefor9 3d.JPG




Tony Leedham

Business Development

Email: tony.leedham@ashtonbentley.com




Polycom Employee

          Deploy and manage your Polycom devices with an easy to install and administer tool set


Imagine a dynamic configuration that is layered by site, model, groups, or even a specific deviceproviding exactly what the user needs. Deploy Polycom endpoints using manageable blocks that can be delegated to your global team for configurations and management all utilizing the same interface. Your staff will now have global endpoint management from log files and inventory to rebooting and direct console access. Everything you need for your entire Skype for Business (Lync) or OpenSIP deployment in one easy to deploy tool.



  • One tool to manage all of your endpoints
  • Easy to design configurations that are layered based off a range of criteria.
  • Quick to setup, install, and expand



Provisioning re-imagined and designed from the ground up

Long gone are the days of the monolithic, static and complex configurations with a complex architecture. UC Commander Provisioning for Polycom offers a single interface for deploying, managing, and inventory of your global endpoints—deployed on-premise or in the cloud. With a simple light weight service that runs on any Windows system, you can easily deploy one or multiple services with a click of a button.


Video: Polycom Provisioning Reimagined 


More Videos:


Gina French
VP of Customer Experience
Email: sales@eventzero.com





Polycom Employee

Jabra audio end points enhance the customer experience which speed user adoption – and satisfaction – for a quicker ROI.


                           Devices Make Experiences



  • Jabra headset increase productivity
  • Jabra headsets enable mobility
  • Jabra headset enhance reseller margins

Jabra Headsets for Polycom

Discover Freedom With a Wireless Headset From Jabra & Polycom Phones
Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) enables remote operation of compatible Jabra wireless headsets with Polycom phones. As mobility within the working environment continues to increase, it is vital that employees have business tools that enable them to work efficiently regardless of location. With a Jabra-Polycom EHS solution they can be where they want and still do business on the spot!.


EMEA Region: Sarah Gray sgray@jabra.com

APAC Region: Ben Samman bsamman@jabra.com

North America: Bill Orlansky borlansky@jabra.com




Polycom Employee

Maximize your Polycom investment by supporting Video Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device


Deltapath® Video Mobility Controller integrates and unifies all Polycom video devices, routes users to conference rooms from remote locations, authenticates and authorizes users for services, implements call-routing policies, and seamlessly provides features to Polycom users anytime, anywhere, on any device.



  • Maximize your Polycom investment by enabling your mobile workforce
  • 1+1 clustering architecture offers security, reliability, availability and scalability
  • Unified Communications ready—upgrade to a full UC solution through a simple license upgrade




Deltapath® Video Mobility Controller (VMC) is an all-in-one device that is built to enable mobile videoconferencing. It bridges the typical isolated corporate “video islands” to the outside world while offering security your corporation needs. Drive up videoconference usage by allowing employees to dial into conference room or conference bridges while they are at home or on the go. Break the traditional network boundaries and enjoy videoconferencing with external parties without compromising on security and privacy. NAT traversal, one-time disposable meeting access codes, content and whiteboard annotations, secure provisioning, and protection from brute force hacker attacks are key features of this all-in-one device. You can even start an ad-hoc videoconference whenever you need.


Stephen Kwok
VP, Worldwide Sales, Deltapath
Email: stephenkwok@deltapath.com



Polycom Employee

Untether your Polycom VVX Phones with Secure Wi-Fi


The Silex SX-BR-4600WAN Ethernet to Wi-Fi Bridge, combined with a Polycom® VVX® business media phone allows connection to your organization's existing wireless network.



  • Easily add Dual Band 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Enterprise 802.1x Security
  • No changes to Polycom VVX phone are necessary


The Silex adapter can connect any device with an Ethernet port to your existing wireless network. Used with a VVX phone, it allows flexibility to locate the VVX phone in places where running cables is difficult, inconvenient, or impossible. MAC Address Transparency means that changes or upgrades to the phone are not necessary and it allows unfiltered uninterrupted voice service. You can even bridge your PC or other device to the wireless network through the PC port of the VVX phone.



Silex Technology America Sales

Email: sales@silexamerica.com




Polycom Employee

The combination of Prysm Cascade series collaboration video walls and Polycom RealPresence room solutions improve workflow, streamline communications, increase productivity and accelerate the time to decision through an unrivalled collaboration experience.


 Deliver a breakthrough collaboration experience


  • Unrivaled collaboration experience
  • Superior image quality
  • Sustainably smart – low power, low heat




The combination of Prysm Cascade series collaboration video walls and Polycom RealPresence room solutions creates an unrivalled collaboration experience. The large, integrated digital canvas allows users to share, annotate and edit office docs, web apps, multimedia files and video from multiple simultaneous sources. Next-generation HD videoconferencing extends an engaging collaboration experience to remote users. Both content and videoconferencing windows can be positioned and resized dynamically through multi-user touch or through PCs and mobile devices. These capabilities deliver a breakthrough collaboration experience that raises team productivity and engagement to a new level.


Cascade 190 Collaboration Video Wall



Email: sales@prysm.com




Polycom Employee

The power of Barco professional visualization for enhanced wireless enterprise collaboration enhances Polycom meeting rooms as never before with an immersive visual experience.


View Better, Share Faster, Collaborate Easier


  • Large canvas visualization for enhanced immersive experience
  • Wireless participation in meetings at the click of a button
  • Easy installation with freestanding integrated LCD structure
  • Widescreen content support through fixed install projection


High profile meeting rooms and executive boardrooms are where high impact, strategic decisions are made. Having an efficient and detailed view of complex data sets is, thus, paramount. The combination of technologies from Polycom and Barco bring together three vital elements for an enhanced enterprise collaboration experience: an ultra-high resolution professional display, an easy to use wireless meeting room collaboration system and the ultimate flexibility and immersion of telepresence. Here, Polycom’s telepresence expertise synergize with Barco’s professional visualization and collaboration technologies to offer a never before experience in enterprise collaboration.

Barco professional visualization for enhanced collaboration


Suchit Rout

Director - Global Strategic Alliances





Polycom Employee

The perfect partner for your Polycom phone, VXi’s headset innovations maximize your UC system’s potential.


For quality, innovation, and value, VXi is the Sound Choice™



  • The best sound in the business for highly effective communication.
  • A legacy of real-world innovation for offices and contact centers.
  • Hands-free technologies to meet your business challenges.




Connect, communicate and collaborate clearly.

The VXi performance advantage begins with the industry’s best noise canceling—guaranteed. Proven by third-party testing, VXi’s clear, natural sound quality ensures you can hear and be heard, the first time, maximizing the benefits of Polycom Unified Communications solutions. 


But VXi’s real-world innovations go beyond sound quality. Our UC ProSet LUX™, for example, is the first headset with a built-in LED presence indicator. Designed around established UC standards, the LUX LED limits unwanted interruptions and boosts productivity.


With VXi, you get more than just compatibility. Paired with your Polycom phone, VXi solutions give you the performance you need to connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively.


 Vxi Headset User.jpg



Email: sales@vxicorp.com






Polycom Employee

RAMP MediaCloud™ for Enterprise is a Video Content Platform that allows users to more easily manage, find, share, and interact with all enterprise video content. Our patented technology automatically generates text transcripts and metadata from video. The metadata produced is used to enable key word search across otherwise inaccessible spoken word content – increasing the likelihood that video assets will be found. This capability also allows for search within videos.


We Make Video Valuable


  • More Discoverable Video Content: provides deep indexing of your video assets to maximize discovery.
  • More Engaging Video Content: search within the video, tag-based navigation and interactive transcripts - all proven drivers of a successful video engagement strategy.
  • More Targetable Video Content: creates time-coded tags and concepts for every video asset to enhance related content targeting and brand safety to maximize video inventory

Making video valuable

RAMP has partnered with Polycom to deliver RAMP's patented audio and video indexing service, RAMP MediaCloud®, to Polycom customers. RAMP MediaCloud leverages proprietary speech processing to automatically generate time-coded metadata on recorded media assets. Integration of this rich metadata with applications powered by Polycom® RealPresence® Media Manager increases discovery across search and enhances user engagement through dynamic player experiences. Adding RAMP’s hosted search, publishing, and interactive player technology provides a complete solution for video creation, management, delivery, and engagement across all audio and video asset types.


RAMP MediaCLoud

Watch RAMP explain the solution [Video]



email: polycom@ramp.com







Polycom Employee

Plantronics enhances the Polycom Unified Communications (UC) experience with headset innovation that goes beyond audio — enriching your work-life


Plantronics Simply Smarter Communications™ — Transforming the Way We Communicate



  •  Premium Audio Technology designed to deliver the optimal sound experience
  • Intuitive Design Experience inspired by the human form
  • Intelligence Built In with Industry-first Smart Sensor™ technology




Going Beyond Audio

For over 50 years, Plantronics has helped businesses simply communicate. In fact, every company in the Fortune 100 relies on Plantronics audio devices for their business communications.


Making a Unified Communications implementation a success can be a challenge. We’re here to make it easier — we provide integrated solutions that work seamlessly with Polycom VVX Business Media Phones, Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones and Polycom CX Series Lync Optimized phones.  Plantronics delivers a great user experience from day one with headset innovation that prepares you for tomorrow.


And our innovation goes beyond audio. We’ve opened up the headset for development, nurturing exciting new partnerships with developers who are adding value to their apps with Plantronics — enriching the work-life of users.







United States

Debbie Bukosky Sr. Sales Manager UC


Office: +1 949 888 8988

Mobile: +1 714 293 3605



Greg Smith

Canada Sales Manager


Office: +1 604 574 7877


Latin America

Pahola Sanchez

LATAM Sales Manager


Office: +1 831 458 7065

Mobile: +52 1 664 364 9558


Europe, Africa

Morgan De Ruiter

Head of Strategic Alliances & Consultancy Partners morgan.deruiter@plantronics.com  

Office: +31235649232


Asia Pacific, Middle East

Hong Kiat Seah Senior Manager, Global and Alliance Accounts hongkiat.seah@plantronics.com  

Office: +65 6500 6318

Mobile: +65 9088 0333

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Congratulations to the winners !


X2O Media recieves the top award for creating a live and on-demand video content delivery app with Polycom® RealPresence® APIs. X2O delivers on-demand video content to digital signage devices, Polycom® VVX® IP phones, and video kiosks. The application uses APIs for Polycom video content management, video conferencing and IP phone systems to provide a comprehensive multi-channel video delivery solution. For example, a training session conducted via video conferencing can be captured and streamed to a variety of devices, so training content can easily be shared with more people. Read more about the X2O solution here in the Technology Partners Solution Showcase


Proton Media was named finalist with an application that combines Polycom video, Microsoft® Lync™ and Microsoft® SharePoint® in a persistent, web-based immersive environment bringing face-to-face collaboration to an interactive 3D virtual world. Read more about Proton Media Protosphere here in the Technology Partners Solution Showcase


VQ Communications was named runner up for the integration of their VQ Ignite scheduling and call management application with the Polycom video conferencing platform.  Read more about VQ Ignite here in the Technology Partners Solution Showcase



Read the full Press Release here.


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Eceptionist is an Intelligent Scheduling and Referral platform for collaborative healthcare networks


Streamlined referrals and scheduling for collaborative healthcare environments



  •  Supports collaboration across healthcare networks
  •  Supports all aspects of Scheduling for collaborative healthcare
  •  Supports Intelligent Referral and “Request for Service” processes across collaborative healthcare networks
  • Supports integration with Polycom® RealPresence® Resource Manager and Polycom® RealPresence® Virtualization Manager



Eceptionist is a web-based solution that organizations can use to better manage healthcare as it is delivered across departments, sites, ACO’s, communities and countries. Eceptionist is used to manage, schedule and coordinate multiple forms of virtual and non-virtual telehealth services, referral and service triage, extra enterprise scheduling, care pathways and wait lists. Eceptionist integrates with the Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager and Polycom RealPresence Virtualization Manager (DMA)  giving Eceptionist the ability the schedule and manages all aspects of virtual collaboration.  Eceptionist is in use around the world on a daily basis by the most respected names in healthcare.



Trey Havlick


Email: info@eceptionist.com or trey.havlick@eceptionist.com

Phone:  +1 713-520-6608




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Exploding demand is transforming video conferencing from a separate enterprise application silo to a critical component in the mainstream communications infrastructure. IT managers need to consolidate video with telephony and unified communications (UC) onto a common infrastructure that is secure, reliable and easy to manage. Acme Packet’s session border controller’s (SBC’s) perform critical security, network interworking and service quality functions for Polycom RealPresence videoconferencing.


Deploy Acme Packet SBC’s –for Secure, On-Demand, Video Collaboration over the Internet




Acme Packet Session Border Controller’s (SBC’s):

  • Enable on-demand connectivity across firewalls
  • Ensure communications confidentiality and integrity
  • Protect against security threats and overloads
  • Centralize control of all video, voice and unified communications traffic

 Acme Packet’s next generation solutions for video conferencing enable customers to unify video with voice and other types of real-time communications. The solutions include a full suite of video features that provide interoperability across multi-vendor video conferencing systems and ensure reachability across the Internet and other IP networks. By consolidating video with other real-time communications, customers can be sure all communications are protected from security threats and they can centralize management of bandwidth resources.


Deployment Guide:

Deploying Polycom® Unified Communications in an Acme Packet® Net-Net Enterprise Session Director Env...



Mike Ruhland

Director of Business Development





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SQmediator is an advanced performance management system for VoIP, videoconferencing and other networked services and applications, providing a real-time view of user QoE at each handset and enabling service providers or enterprise IT staff to quickly identify and diagnose performance problems. SQmediator collects and displays performance metrics directly from IP phones, probes, and other reporting devices in a dynamic browser-based web user interface with interactive charts.


Real-time QoE scores, performance metrics, and alerts



  • Collects and analyzes quality metrics from IP phones, probes and other reporting devices
  • Correlates data by customer or location; supports user-definable service metric thresholds and alerts
  • Secure, multi-user web browser based interface with real-time interactive dashboards

SQmediator collects and analyzes quality reports sent by VoIP endpoints, including select models of Polycom VVX, SoundPoint and SoundStation series phones, at the end of a call or at periodic intervals during calls.




SQmediator is an advanced performance management application that supports passive monitoring for VoIP and IP Videoconferencing as well as active testing for VoIP, Videoconferencing, DNS, DHCP, Web and Email. When used for passive monitoring, SQmediator collects, correlates, analyzes, and displays QoE metrics sent by Polycom phones and other devices that are capable of generating RFC6035 quality reports. By obtaining performance measurements directly from each handset, SQmediator provides a highly accurate view of call quality as perceived by the end user and enables network managers to remotely detect and troubleshoot many types of impairments in real time. SQmediator can correlate quality reports by location, and provides user-definable quality thresholds for key parameters and the ability to generate both SNMP and email alerts. SQmediator's secure web-based user interface supports multiple concurrent users.







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Edgewater Networks delivers VBP (H.323) plus SIP video/trunking capabilities (H.323 gatekeeper/SIP Registrar) in a single solution with Edgewater Networks EdgeProtect. It works seamlessly with Polycom Real Presence Platform for both SIP and H.323.


Simplifying Secure Remote Access for Unified Communications



  • SIP or H.323
  • Support for local internal/external call control
  • Securely interconnects mobile users, remote offices, trunking providers, etc.




Unified Communications / Video - For enterprise-level customers who need a Polycom VBP-like (H.323) product with SIP video/trunking capabilities (H.323 gatekeeper/SIP Registrar), Edgewater Networks’ EdgeProtect product line is the perfect solution. It works seamlessly with the Polycom Real Presence Platform for both SIP and H.323. EdgeProtect provides provisioning/security for remote access to enterprise Unified Communications Systems using encryption technology and security for business-to-business communications.



Nick Imamura

Director, Channel Sales

Email: nimamura@edgewaternetworks.com





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Sennheiser Premium Headsets:

  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Excellent wearing comfort

Premium headsets for Polycom’s Unified Communications solutions



  • Outstanding sound quality and excellent wearing comfort
  • Hearing protection – ActiveGard™ technology protects against acoustic shock and sudden sound surges
  • Fully interoperable with Polycom IP Voice endpoints


Sennheiser is Polycom Premium Technology Partner


Sennheiser develops & manufactures premium headset solutions for contact centers, offices and UC professionals. Our headsets represent sound leadership, quality design, wearing comfort and hearing protection at their best. Validation of our headsets with Polycom® SoundPoint IP® Phones and Polycom® VVX Business Media Phones means customers can fully realize the benefit of their Unified Communications investment with the handsfree comfort and sound quality they expect.



Product  Videos:



Lars Riis Rasmussen, Sales and Marketing Director





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The Customer Interaction Center (CIC) and Polycom joint solution provides a fully tested and seamlessly integrated unified communications solution available both on premises and in the cloud.


All the tools you need to make Customer Service a competitive weapon



  • Offer multichannel contact options for your customers
  • Provide consistent, "team wide" service
  • Centralize and scale with a standards-based all-in-one platform




The Customer Interaction Center™ from Interactive Intelligence integrates with a variety of Polycom Desktop and Group systems solutions. Developed on the SIP protocol, the joint solution provides a customer with a fully tested and seamlessly integrated unified communications solution. Each release of Polycom equipment and firmware is validated by the Interactive Intelligence testing organization and results are posted to our validation web site at testlab.inin.com


Download the Polycom Partner Playbook for Interactive Intelligence







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