problems after moving VVX 500 to wireless (requiring frequent restarts)


problems after moving VVX 500 to wireless (requiring frequent restarts)

I have the following:


VVX 500
S/N: 0004f2c47caf
Assembly: 3111-44500-001 RevA
Software version: 5.8.3
P/N 3150-11530-583

I recently moved offices (I work remotely), and had to switch from ethernet(with POE) to wireless.  I purchased and installed the Obi500g adapter, without any issues.  Since then, the lines of my colleagues (who are all on the same phone system at our other sites) on my main display will often show inaccurate information - primarily, red (busy) or flashing green (incoming call).  It will stay that way for hours, and I cannot contact them (nor them me) until I restart my phone.  This happens maybe a dozen times a day (8 hour day).
Signal strength for wirelss (connecting to a Netgear Blackhawk) shows excellent.

Resetting it resolves the issue every time.  This morning I noticed that as soon as I ended a call with one of my colleagues, their extension showed flashing after I hung up.  Other times I will just look at the display and see a flashing or busy for a while and know it's time to reset.
I'm sure I'm missing some information that would be helpful to the group; any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm happy to gather whatever info would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.




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Re: problems after moving VVX 500 to wireless (requiring frequent restarts)

Hi ChuckInME


My first guess is that the SIP signaling is failing to reach either the phone or the server to maintain proper status of your phone. I have seen this when people switch to a new firewall. Did you change the firewall router at the same time or only switch to the wireless of the same firewall/router?


You may have to configure the phone or server to send keep-alive messages to keep the pinhole open and prevent the firewall closing the path from phone-to-server-to-phone. If that path closes the phone can't get updates or calls inbound because the firewall sees this traffic as unsolicited. 


I'd check with your server vendor or server admin to configure this. In my experience this is usually the issue.


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Re: problems after moving VVX 500 to wireless (requiring frequent restarts)


Thanks for the prompt response!  Yes, in moving office space, everything is new, including the ISP and the router.  I had done nothing relating to keepalives or anything specific in order to use my phone in my old office - when it was shipped to me, I plugged it in (ethernet/PoE) and voila - it all 'just worked'.  That's not to say, of course, that I don't need to do here - just adding some context/background.  I'm happy to check/try this.  Unfortunately the employee who got us the phone system is long gone, and admin knowledge went with him.  Not even sure of the vendor, so I will probaby try and give this a shot myself (at least on the phone side).  I suppose I could configure an exception on the firewall (or rather, get our provider to, since they manage it).  Do you think that would resolve the issue?

Thanks again!

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Re: problems after moving VVX 500 to wireless (requiring frequent restarts)

Followup - I was able to find a person in my organization who confirmed that the server is sending the KeepAlive messages.  Similarly, my phone is configured to as well (see attached).


Do you think I need to set up port forwarding or something else?




Re: problems after moving VVX 500 to wireless (requiring frequent restarts)

Any other ideas?  As mentioned, I confirmed that the keepalive is configured on the server and the phone; FWIW, it's set to 20 seconds.

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Re: problems after moving VVX 500 to wireless (requiring frequent restarts)

Hello ,


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As already outlined by my colleague @Chad_A you would need to investigate the SIP signalling.


the Community holds a couple of FAQ's on that but the next step would be to open a support ticket either with your service provider or if this fails with your Poly Reseller.

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Re: problems after moving VVX 500 to wireless (requiring frequent restarts)



Thank you for your response.  When you say "service provider", do mean my VOIP service provider (we use OnSip)?  Or my internet provider?


I'm also wondering if port forwarding or other router configuration would be in order (though I never needed to in my old locale).  I am rebooting about 10 times a work day, so it gets old.





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