VVX D230 - Ghost Missed Calls

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VVX D230 - Ghost Missed Calls

Hi All,


We have rolled out VVX D230's throughout our company, each site has 1 base & 2 handsets which are part of a hunt group. One of the sites has complained that whenever they receive a call, it shows up as a missed call on the handset that didn't pick up the call.

Looking through different posts I found that RFC 3326 "Call completed elsewhere" solves this issue, is this something that can be setup in our devices? or is there an alternative?




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Matthew Lee
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Re: VVX D230 - Ghost Missed Calls

Hi JP:


Thank you for your enquiry. 

Today, we do support RFC3326 "Call completed elsewhere", when you are using shared line. 
But, we do not support the above for private line.
An alternative that we have to hide missed call notifications on other handsets that do not pick up/answer a call is to use the missed call notifications masking method. Here is a video tutorial on how to enable the feature: https://youtu.be/-SMV1dAcrSI
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Matthew Lee




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