VVX 400 & 500 Continuous Polycom Multicast Stops upon Restart

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VVX 400 & 500 Continuous Polycom Multicast Stops upon Restart

I have an Algo PA system (4 x Algo 8188 and 1 x Algo 8301) that is compatible with Polycom Multicast Paging. We have music streaming from the Algo 8301 on group 2 continuously to the speakers while the Polycom Phones (both VVX 400 & 500s, UC generic profile) can interrupt the music by paging Group 10. Speakers are subscribed to groups 2, 10, 24, & 25 while the phones are subscribed to 10, 24, 25.


We encounter an issue when a Polycom phone restarts. Once the phone boots and gets to the "Initializing device, please wait" screen, the music stops and the Algo 8188 speakers no longer take pages until they are either rebooted or we wait 5-10 min for it to return on its own. This can be replicated on both the VVX 400 and 500s that have paging enabled.


I've looked at the syslogs of the 8188 speakers and they receive a command at around the same time the phones reach the initializing screen:


algo-main: [apua] evlog: acctid = -1, evid = 35, ev = MCAST_RX_STOP, callid = -1, msg = 'ppa:2'


If we wait for the music to come back on its own, we see this command in the syslog:


algo-main: [apua] evlog: acctid = -1, evid = 32, ev = MCAST_TX_START, callid = -1, msg = 'ppa,output:1'


My guess is that the VVX 400 and 500s transmit these packets during the startup process. Does anyone know how to disable this or have any ideas on what the underlying problem could be?


I've reached out to Algo support and they are looking into it. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: VVX 400 & 500 Continuous Polycom Multicast Stops upon Restart

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Re: VVX 400 & 500 Continuous Polycom Multicast Stops upon Restart

Hi @SteffenBaierUK


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Thank you for your assistance!

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