Trio not using voice VLAN advertised in LLDP

Sam O.

Trio not using voice VLAN advertised in LLDP

I have a few Trio 8800s that refuse to use the VLAN advertised in LLDP as the "voice" VLAN.  They continue to use the untagged data VLAN.  I think this related to a check the Trio's software is doing to see if the voice VLAN is different from the PVID.  Per another post, if they are equal the Trio will continue with untagged operations.  The LLDP packets from the switch seem to incorrectly indicate the PVID is the same VLAN as the voice VLAN.  That's incorrect but appears to be a bug in the switch's software but not something that's impact other brands of phones.


My ask here: Is there some setting on the Trio I'm missing to bypass the check performed by the Trio?  Some sort of "always use advertised tagged VLAN" or "Ignore PVID in LLDP"?   I can't statically configure the tagged VLAN on the Trio as it's not the same between buildings.

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Re: Trio not using voice VLAN advertised in LLDP

Hello @Sam O. 


I have moved this hear as the section it was posted is for analog conference phones.


What other post? Can you link this?


Also what do you see in the logs?


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Resolution: Try a manual IP => here <= or for DHCP logging check >here< and check LLDP or CDP => here <=


It would also be useful to find what type of Trio and/or what software version was used. What is the switch manufacturer and what SW version?


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Sam O.

Re: Trio not using voice VLAN advertised in LLDP

Trio is at 7.2.5.  I've also tried 7.2.0 and the newest 5.x version, with the same result.


LLDP debug log from the Trio says:

lldp |3|00|lldpProcessRecvPacket: Received LLDP packet with Native VlanId 3000


VLAN 3000 is the voice VLAN and can be seen marked as such a wireshark trace from the switch.  Switch is a Juniper EX2200 running 12.3R12-S14.


Setting the Trio to use VLAN 3000 does work.. It just won't switch to that VLAN by itself.  I can't find the article again that talked about the issue with native/PVID being the same as the voice VLAN.  I'll keep looking and reply if I find it again.

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