Supplying login and password via DHCP option 160 (or 66)

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Supplying login and password via DHCP option 160 (or 66)

Form the (official) document bellow it seems the following would be valid:

https://provisioning.server;USER=user; PASSWORD=password


What happens in reality, according to Polycom app log, is that it tries DNS lookup on entire string, obviosly failing:

"DNS lookup failed for https://provisioning.server;USER=user; PASSWORD=password"


We've also tried https://user:password@provisioning.server, similar to what is being proposed here:

admiteddly it talks about FTP, not HTTPS.


In this case phone does not even try DNS lookup, as it apparently can't parse this notation as a valid URL.


When only URL is supplied, without credentials, provisioning works as expected.

Tried with vvx 300.



Can login and password be supplied via DHCP option 160 (or 66)?

What other valid secure provisioning methods exist?

https + login/password condireded good approach to provisioning?


Thank you.


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Re: Supplying login and password via DHCP option 160 (or 66)

In our environment, on our DHCP server we specified a Server Option (inside our phone scope) of 066 Boot Server Host Name and used a string value like this:




On we have an FTP server running with a user named poly and a password as poly123 with full access to our Polycom_UC_software folder.


Note accounts and IP's are generic examples only.  Can't say we've worked on other protocols but ftp satisfies our requirements.  I hope it help!


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