Suggestions for Legacy Phone

Robert James Hunter
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Suggestions for Legacy Phone

model: soundpoint ip 601
assebley: 2345-11605-001 rev:b
s/n: 0004f2109a067
bootblock: 2.6.0(11605_001)

label: sip
p/n: 3150-11530-318
file: sip_318.ld

components: polydsp orion mem2 fs1

I use two Polycom Soundpoint IP 601 phones which I bought brand new 2 years ago and been working fine even though they now discontinued as a product.

I have just recently upgraded to sip version 3.18 which it did fine

I have a few questions that maybe someone can answer with regard to this legacy phone that I am happy with as serves its purpose for a two person situation.

1. Have I got all the latest upgrades on the phone based on the above settings?
2. Can I install music on hold and also call waiting music? if yes how can I go about doing this?
3. Is there any other features that can be installed on the phone

I hope you can assist
thanks Robert

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Polycom Employee & Community Manager

Re: Suggestions for Legacy Phone

Hello @Robert James Hunter,

welcome to the Polycom Community. Your post originally ended up in the Spam section but I have now moved it.


A couple of things


  • Polycom declared End of Sale for the SPIP601 back in 2008
  • End of Support for these phones was back in 2013

  • The MAC address you provided 0004f2109a067 is 1 digit to long but suspicuosly matches nearly completely to this post => here <= aka 0004f2109a07

  • Both your Macs if I change the last digit been sold 2006 so I am unsure how you can claim you purchased this Unit brand new 2 years ago.

  • Both Emails used to register are GMAIL

  • The latest Software Version per phone / hardware can be found in the FAQ => here <=

  • Only the VVX Phone and Polycom Trio support their own MoH music

  • Features are not installed on the phone they are simply activated. Please consult an Admin Guide for any follow up questions.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services


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