[Software] UC Software 7.3.0 was released

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[Software] UC Software 7.3.0 was released

Hello all,


we just released UC Software 7.3.0 for the CCX Phones, Trio C60 and Trio 8300 conference phones.


NOTE: The Trio 8800 and 8500 will not receive any software later than 7.2.x!


Trio C60
Trio 8300


Important: Poly doesn’t officially support Microsoft Teams in this release!


Stating the above this 7.3.0 release contains the latest Teams APKs 

Zoom Rooms Controller App 5.9.3 10062
Microsoft Teams Partner Agent 1.0.24 2021072100
Microsoft Intune Company Portal 5.0.5304.0
Microsoft Teams Admin Agent 322
Microsoft Teams App 1449/

What’s New

These release notes include information on important field fixes and the following new features:

  • Web Proxy Auto Discovery Enabled by Default
  • Call Forwarding Softkey Support
  • Mid-transfer and mid-conference EFK states

  • RingCentral Feature Support
    Bridged Call Appearance (BCA)
    Monitoring BLF in DND
    DND Synchronization

  • Zoom Feature Support
    IP Phone Call Control from Desktop Client
    Privacy for Shared Line Group Users
    Conference Barge for Shared Line Group Users


Web Proxy Auto Discovery Enabled by Default

The web proxy auto discovery feature is now enabled by default in all base profiles on Poly CCX phones. Once you configure DHCP Option 252 on your network, the phone automatically determines the URI to retrieve a web proxy PAC file without additional configuration.

Call Forwarding Softkey Support

This release adds the ability to add a call Forward softkey to the phone screen for users to forward incoming calls on a shared line.

Mid-transfer and mid-conference EFK States 

This release adds two new states that lets users transfer or conference a call while in another. More details => here <=

RingCentral Feature Support

This release supports the following features for phones provisioned for the RingCentral.

Bridged Call Appearance (BCA)

Bridged call appearance (BCA) provides shared line capability on RingCentral platforms that use the following SIP mechanisms:

  • Subscription to the shared-appearance package, which is an extension of the dialog package. It includes an appearance parameter.
  • Line seize and release using out-of-dialog SIP INFO (a soft lock of appearance).
  • INVITE in calls contain the p-line-appearance header with appearance numbers.
  • Barge in and pick up remote calls using INVITE with Join/Replace.

Monitoring BLF in DND

This feature enables Busy Lamp Field (BLF) monitoring of remote devices in the following Do Not Disturb (DND) states:

  • When a phone monitors a remote device using BLF, the phone subscribes to the same address for DND notifications.
  • When the remote device isn’t in DND, the phone shows the normal BLF state with no changes.
  • When the remote device is in DND, the phone shows a new icon to indicate remote DND.
  • When the remote device has a BLF state change, the phone’s line reflects the change.

For example, if the remote device goes active, it shows as remote active even if the phone is in DND.

DND Synchronization

This feature enables users to set Do Not Disturb (DND) on all the phones on the network at once by setting it on a single phone.

Zoom Feature Support


This release supports the following features for phones provisioned for the Zoom Phone service.

IP Phone Call Control from Desktop Client

This feature enables a Zoom phone user to remotely control their phones from the Zoom client.


Privacy for Shared Line Group Users

Users with phones in the Zoom Phone base profile can set an active Zoom call as private. Users toggle the Lock and Unlock softkeys to enable or disable the privacy of the active call. This feature is enabled by default and requires no further configuration.

Making a call private blocks other shared line group users from the following:

  • Resuming the call if it is put on hold.
  • Performing barge, listen, whisper, and takeover (BWLT) operations on the call.

Conference Barge for Shared Line Group Users

This feature enables conference barge on shared lines provisioned for Zoom Phone. Up to 10 shared line group users can join a call with the new Conf Barge softkey. Users press and hold the Conf Barge softkey on a shared line key with a remotely active call to join the call as a full participant. This feature may be limited by Zoom Phone capabilities.

For more information, see Zoom Support - Call Monitoring.

Zoom Call Monitoring

This release enables support of the Zoom’s listen, whisper, barge-in, and takeover (LWBT) call monitoring feature on Poly phones. The call monitoring feature enables users to directly monitor and intercept active calls within the same call queues and shared line groups when they’re assigned to a BLF key.

For more information, see Zoom Support - Call Monitoring


LLDP support for Chassis & Port Subtype

Using LLDP, the phone can read the connected switch's chassis & port subtype and share the values with the Zoom PBX as part of a SIP REGISTER message using the Zoom X-Switch-Info header

For more information, see Zoom Support – Nomadic Emergency Services or => here <=


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