[Software] Trio UC Software 5.7.1 Rev AB & GroupSeries 6.1.8

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[Software] Trio UC Software 5.7.1 Rev AB & GroupSeries 6.1.8

UC Software 5.7.1 => here <= has the below added functionality: 


  • Group Series 310/500 Integration


In combination with a Polycom RealPresence GroupSeries* 310 or 500 running Software 6.1.8 you can now pair a Polycom Trio running UC Software Rev AB with a RealPresence GroupSeries instead of a Polycom Visual+


Polycom Trio 8800 Software 5.7.1 Rev AB

Aug 28, 2018

Polycom Trio 8800 Software 5.7.1 Rev AB CAB

Aug 28, 2018

RealPresence Group Series Version 6.1.8 Software (to be used with Polycom Trio 8800 Software 5.7.1 R...

Aug 28, 2018


NOTE: The GroupSeries 6.1.8 release is only for usage in combination with a Polycom Trio and no new features have been introduced.




Change to Polycom Trio Mode when upgrading existing GroupSeries:



Out of Box when running 6.1.8:




With Polycom Trio you can right-size the technology to meet the needs of every workspace. Start with Trio 8800 or 8500, and then add a video and content accessory to complete the solution
Polycom Trio Visual+
Polycom RealPresence Group Series
Camera Input
USB (UVC 1.5)
Cameras supported
EagleEye IV USB 
EagleEye Mini
Logitech C930e
EagleEye IV,
EagleEye IV USB,
EagleEye Producer,
EagleEye Director II,
EagleEye Acoustic
Since UC Software 5.9.0
EagleEye Cube
Wired content sharing inputs
USB, using People+Content IP
USB, using People+Content IP
Wireless content options
People+Content IP
Skype for Business
People+Content IP
Skype for Business
Local content presentation using AirPlay and Miracast enabled devices
Video-based Screen Sharing (VbSS) support in Skype for Business calls
Receive only
Transmit(HDMI in) & Receive
Polycom Ceiling Microphone Array support
3.5mm audio output
Power options
Power over Ethernet
AC Adapter


Trio & GroupSeries


 Pairing 1Pairing 1

Pairing 2Pairing 2 



 * The GroupSeries needs to be manufactured ~ 2016 and be a Hardware Version 20 or higher


Monitor Settings:


Group Series (if using a 500) must be set to Admin => Settings => Audio / Video / Content => Monitors => Monitor 2 => Enable as OFF if no 2nd Monitor is being used as otherwise the Self View is being displayed via the 2nd Monitor.




  • Unable to see any Skype for Business Options in the Polycom Trio Web Interface?
    Details on how to enable the Skype for Business Base profile can be found => here <=
  • Unable to access the Web Interface once the Polycom Trio has been changed into Skype for Business Base Profile?
    Details on how to re-enable the Web Interface can be found => here <=

  • Does the Trio support H.323 call when paired with a GroupSeries?
    Since UC Software 5.9.0 this was added as a Sandbox feature

  • Why are only limited options available when browsing to the Polycom RealPresence GroupSeries once in Trio Mode?
    The solution is controlled by the Trio and all relevant changes are made via the Trio

  • Does the Trio support Skype for Business and multiple additional registrations when paired with a GroupSeries?
    Please check => here <=


Screencapture of the GroupSeries TV UI:





If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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