[Software] Polycom Trio UC Software 5.5.2 openSIP

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[Software] Polycom Trio UC Software 5.5.2 openSIP

Hello all,


We are pleased to announce the latest release UC for the Polycom Trio 8800 and introducing the new Polycom Trio 8500.



2200-66700-025 Trio 8500 IP conf phone
2200-66700-019  Trio 8500 SfB/O365/Lync edition 


For more details visit => here <=


What’s New for UC Software 5.5.2AC


This section lists resolved issues for Polycom® Unified Communications (UC) Software 5.5.2AC for the Polycom® Trio™ solution in Open SIP and Skype for Business deployments.


Note that support for the features listed may vary depending on the Polycom Trio device you are using. Device-specific support is indicated for each feature.


Polycom UC Software 5.5.2AC supports the following Polycom products:


  • RealPresence Trio 8500 system
  • RealPresence Trio 8800 system
  • RealPresence Trio Visual+ accessory


Screen Mirroring on RealPresence Trio Solution


The Polycom Trio 8800 system provides screen mirroring so that you can share content from Apple® AirPlay® and Miracast®-certified devices.


Please be aware that Apple® AirPlay® or Miracast® requires a Polycom license SKU 5150-84981-001


Local Display of Apple® AirPlay® certified devices via Screen Mirroring


  • Devices Supported: Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook
  • Trio and AirPlay device need to be on the same subnet or if on different subnets, they need to be routable with multicast DNS (Bonjour) bridged between the two subnets for discovery
  • Network Ports/Broadcasts:
  • Bonjour discovery:          UDP port 5353
  • Airplay Session: TCP ports 7000, 7100, 8009, 47000, UDP port 1900
  • Only “Screen Mirroring” mode from is supported. Certain iOS apps use “Video Mirroring” mode – this is not supported (example. iOS YouTube app). Utilize Safari instead
  • Local content presentation only (content will not be transmitted to the far end when in a point to point call or conference)
  • The maximum resolutions and frame rates supported are 720@60fps or 1080@30fps.


Apple® AirPlay® or Miracast® is disabled by default and can be enabled using:


  • content.airplayServer.enabled="1"
  • content.wirelessDisplay.sink.enabled="1"

Display System Name for Wireless Content Connections


When the RealPresence Trio system is registered with Skype for Business, you can determine if the Skype for Business display name shows in the list of available devices that supported Apple, Windows, or Android devices can connect with to share content using AirPlay or Miracast. 


The Airplay or Miracast devices search for a system name, which you can specify in one or more of the following parameters. The device displays the name you configure for the system in the following priority in order: 


  • content.airplayServer.name for AirPlay 
  • content.wirelessDisplay.name for Wireless Display
  • system.name
  • displayname (on the Skype for Business server)


Audible Confirmation of Mute State Changes (CVAA)


The RealPresence Trio added a new feature to enable visually impaired users to receive an audible notification of the mute state. You will now receive an alert tone when the mute status of the phone is changed from mute to un-mute or vice versa using any of the mute buttons of the device or from far-end system. The phone also plays an alert tone periodically when the phone is in mute state. You can configure this feature using the following parameters:


  • se.touchFeedback.enabled
  • call.mute.reminder.period

Home Screen Icon Customization


  • homeScreen.placeACall.enable=“0” (Default: 1)
  • homeScreen.present.enable=“0”  (Default: 1)


When Content Sharing is enabled, the “Content” icon for Open SIP environments or “Present” icon for Skype for Business environments displays by default on the Home screen of the RealPresence Trio system when paired with RealPresence Trio Visual+.


You can control whether to show or hide the content sharing option from the Home screen even when Content Sharing is enabled. 


Improved In-Call Indication


“Back To Call” banner across home screen during calls now oscillates through lighter to darker shades of blue during calls.

Reduces chances that the Trio will unknowingly be left in an “in call” state.




Improved Software Update Experience


  • Improved orange status on the top right corner of the Trio touch screen
  • Improved messages in the Trio status bar
  • Improved Trio TV UI status screen indicating the software being updated, when the trio is rebooting after the upgrade and the paired visual plus updating



Hybrid Registration


The above is no longer a sandbox feature as shown prior => here <=




  • L1, L2, Lx line switching is no longer valid and has been removed from the digitmap
  • Customers that run a voice platform and is different than your video conference platform such as Skype (Must be Line 1) and Polycom DMA
  • Customers that need access to providers like Zoom and Bluejeans
  • Customers that need to pilot Skype while supporting existing call platform
  • IT support for multiple call platforms
  • Using Skype Meeting while levering your IP PBX for local dialing

Zoom Configuration


  • Polycom supported interop with Zoom CRC
  • Supports audio, video and content in both directions
  • Supports one touch join of zoom outlook plugin invites via Trio’s exchange calendar
  • Supports on touch line key into the Zoom auto attendant “the lobby” by default
  • Configuration can be adjusted to use the line key for customized bridge dialing
  • Firewall requirements for signaling and media ports => here <=  
  • Can be configured as the only line key or it can be setup with hybrid registration with either opensip or Skype



Bluejeans Configuration


  • Polycom supported interop with BlueJeans Relay
  • Support audio, video and content in both directions
  • Support one touch join of BlueJeans calendar invitations to Trio’s exchange calendar
  • Support one touch line key dialing into the BlueJeans auto attendant “the lobby” by default
  • Configuration can be adjusted to use the line key for customized bridge dialing
  • Firewall requirements for signaling and media ports => here <= 
  • Can be configured as the only line key or it can be setup with hybrid registration with either opensip or Skype



Improved Opensip Registration Fail-over Support


A Cisco CUCM as an example usually consist of multiple Subscribers and to guarantee the failover a new set of configuration was added to allow multiple servers to be added (Does not yet work with Proxys!)




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