[Software] CCX & Trio UC Software 7.2.6

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[Software] CCX & Trio UC Software 7.2.6

Poly UC Software

Poly announces the new release of Unified Communications (UC) Software for the following products:

  • Poly CCX 400, CCX 500, CCX 600, and CCX 700 phones
  • Poly Trio 8500 and 8800 phones

IMPORTANT: UC Software 7.2.6 won’t be made available for the Trio 8300 or Trio C60. For the latest releases, see Trio 8300 and Trio C60 on the Poly Support site.

The build IDs are:

  • CCX 500, CCX 600 & CCX 700 models:
  • CCX 400:
  • Trio 8500 / 8800:

What’s New in This Release

This release includes all the features and important fixes from earlier 7.2.x releases, bug fixes and the following new features:

  • Zoom Room Controller 5.14

Zoom Room Controller

Trio 8500 and 8800 systems, when optimized for Zoom Rooms, act as a controller via the system’s touch user interface and provide audio for Zoom Room meetings through the built-in speakers and microphones.

This software release runs Zoom Rooms Controller software 5.14.0 (1920) as embedded software. For more information on this Zoom release, see the Zoom Help Center.


For the latest setup instructions, see the Integrating Poly Trio Systems with Zoom Rooms Solution Guide at Poly Solutions for Zoom Environments.

Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams application is included in this UC Software release for use on CCX 400, CCX 500, and CCX 600. The Teams version included may be updated independently of the UC Software version using the Teams Admin Center. 

For more information on Teams versions, see What’s new in Microsoft Teams.



IMPORTANT:    UC Software includes the Microsoft Teams base profile in every release; however, Microsoft support of a UC Software release depends on the version delivered by Microsoft through the Teams Admin Center.


Microsoft Teams Component Versions

Microsoft Component


Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Admin Agent (v361)

Microsoft Intune Company Portal



Poly CCX Base Profiles


The following table lists the base profiles supported on each CCX phone model for this release. This applies to both OpenSIP and Teams models.

Base Profiles Supported on CCX Business Media Phones in This Release

Phone Model




Zoom Phone

8x8 Work

Skype for


CCX 400




Not available


CCX 500




Not available


CCX 600






CCX 700






1 Although the Teams and Skype profile is available on the CCX 700, it is not supported by Microsoft.


Version History

This following table shows the release history of the Poly Trio solution.


Release Release Date Features
7.2.6 May-01 Maintenance release for Poly Trio 8800 & 8500  and compatible CCX systems.
7.2.5 Mar-23 Maintenance release for Poly Trio systems.
7.2.4 Dec-22 Maintenance release for Poly Trio systems. Includes the following feature:
• Subnet information is now available for use in E911 location identification.
7.2.3 Jul-22 Maintenance release for Poly Trio systems. Includes the following features:
• Subnet information is now available for use in E911 location identification.
7.2.2 Mar-22 Maintenance release for Poly Trio systems. Includes the following features:
•     Add a Mandatory Message Confirmation for Outbound Calls
•     Support for Zoom Rooms Controller version 5.9.3 (1069)
7.2.0 Nov-21 OpenSIP-only release. Includes the following features:
•     Zoom Room Controls
•     Basic Authentication for Web Proxy
•     Set Up a Custom Background on Poly Trio Systems
•     STIR/SHAKEN Call Validation
•     Media Security Negotiation
•     Turn Off Trio Mics When Using Visual Pro


Previous Releases:


Edge E, CCX, and compatible Trio


  • PVOS 8.1.1 Release >here<
  • PVOS 8.1.0 Release >here<
  • PVOS 8.0.2 Release >here<
  • PVOS Older 8.0.1 Release >here<
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CCX & Trio combined:


  • Older 7.2.5 Release >here<
  • Older 7.2.4 Release >here<
  • Older 7.2.3 Release >here<
  • Older 7.2.2 Release >here<
  • Older 7.2.1 Release >here<
  • Older 7.2.0 Release >here<
  • Older 7.1.1 Release >here<
  • Older 7.1.0 Release >here<
  • Older 7.0.3 Release >here<
  • Older 7.0.2 Release >here<
  • Older 7.0.1 Release >here<
  • Older 7.0.0 Relesae >here<



  • Older Release >here<
  • Older Release >here<
  • Older Release >here<



  • Older 5.9.6 => here <=
  • Older 5.9.5 Rev AB => here <=
  • Older 5.9.5 Rev AA => here <=
  • Older 5.9.4 Rev AB => here <=
  • Older 5.9.4 Rev AA => here <=
  • Older 5.9.3 Rev AB => here <=
  • Older 5.9.3 Rev AA => here <=
  • Older 5.9.2 Rev AB => here <=
  • Older 5.9.2 Rev AA => here <=
  • Older 5.9.1 Rev AC => here <=
  • Older Rev AB => here <=
  • Older Rev AA => here <=
  • Older Rev AD => here <=
  • Older Rev AA => here <=

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