[Software] CCX & Trio UC Software 7.2.1

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[Software] CCX & Trio UC Software 7.2.1

Hello all,


we released UC Software 7.2.1 for the Poly CCX and Trio C60, 8800, 8500 and 8300 for openSIP, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and 8x8 deployments >here<


Poly CCX
Poly Trio C60
Poly Trio 8300
Poly Trio 8500
Poly Trio 8800


What’s New

Poly CCX UC Software 7.2.1 is a release for OpenSIP, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Zoom. These release notes include information on important field fixes and the following new features:

  • Microsoft Teams Update
  • Support for 8x8 Work on CCX 600 and CCX 700
  • HTTP-Enabled Location Discovery Enhancements
  • USBOptimized Base Profile Default Parameter Settings Update
  • SCEP Certificate Signing Request Updates

Poly frequently provides software updates with new features and recommends that you regularly update the software on your Poly CCX business media phones for the best performance and experience.


Microsoft Teams Update

This release supports Teams app version 1449/ for Poly CCX 400, CCX 500, and CCX 600 business media phones. For more information, see What's new in Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams Partner Agent 1.0.24 2021072100
Microsoft Intune Company Portal 5.0.5304.0 4866066
Microsoft Intune Company Portal 322
Microsoft Teams App 1449/ 2022013050

To Upgrade the Microsoft Teams App use the Teams Admin Center TAC as our partner Microsoft has released version 1449/


Support for 8x8 Work on CCX 600 and CCX 700

Poly CCX 600 and CCX 700 business media phones now support the 8x8 Work call application.

You must have an existing service with 8x8 to use this base profile. Set the base profile on the phone, then use the 8x8 device management server to set up and manage the 8x8 Work application.

For specific information on 8x8 Work, see 8x8 Work Support.


Set the Base Profile to 8x8 Work with a Configuration File

Use configuration parameters to set the base profile to 8x8Work on phones configured using a provisioning server. Set the following parameters:


<web device.set="1"
device.baseProfile="8x8Work" />


Set the Base Profile to 8x8 Work from the Local Interface

Set the 8x8 Work base profile directly from the phone’s local interface.

To set the base profile to 8x8 Work from the local interface:

  • Go to Settings > Advanced > Administration Settings > Network Configuration > Base Profile.
  • Select 8x8 Work.
  • Select the back arrow twice and save the configuration.

The phone reboots into the 8x8 Work base profile.

Set the 8x8 Work base profile from the phone’s system web interface.


To set the base profile to 8x8 Work from the system web interface:

  • In a web browser, enter the phone’s IP address.
  • Select the Admin radio button, enter your administrator password, and select Submit.
  • Go to Simple Setup > Base Profile.
  • Select 8x8 Work from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Save.
  • Select Yes to save the configuration changes.

The phone reboots into the 8x8 Work base profile.

Once changed the Phone will download the Application:


And present the Login Screen




HTTP-Enabled Location Delivery Enhancements

This release provides enhancements to the handling of HTTP-Enabled Location Delivery (HELD) requests. These HELD enhancements help emergency dispatchers determine the phone’s most up-to date location during an emergency call. The enhancements in this release are enabled by default and require no further configuration.

HELD requests now include the phone's user-agent string. HELD requests also support the

<locationUriSet expires> attribute to provide the exact date and time the phone must reconnect to refresh its location data.

The phone defaults to a 24-hour HELD refresh interval and ignores the expires attribute if:

  • It can’t calculate an expiration interval due to an error.
  • It doesn’t have an SNTP connection.
  • The calculated expiration interval is greater than 48 hours.

If any HELD refresh request fails to receive a response, the phone doesn’t clear any locations from its memory. Instead, it uses the last successful location received to ensure it always has location data and retries the HELD refresh using the value set in the feature.E911.locationRetryTimer parameter. More about E911 check => here <=


USBOptimized Base Profile Default Parameter Settings Update

This release contains updated default settings in the USBOptimized base profile for the following parameters:


Set the time, in seconds, the phone waits to collect digit input before placing a call when the phone is off-hook.

USBOptimized Setting – 4 (default)

0 to 100 seconds

Change causes the system to restart or reboot.


Set the time, in seconds, the phone waits for digit input before placing a call when the phone is onhook.

USBOptimized Setting – 0 (default)

0 to 99 seconds

SCEP Certificate Signing Request Updates

You can now configure the phone’s Locality (L) and Organizational Unit (OU) fields for CSR generation from the phone’s system web interface in Settings > SCEP > Distinguished Name.

If you leave the SCEP.csr.commonName parameter with the default null setting, the phone now automatically uses its MAC address for the common name (CN) when it generates a CSR.





Microsoft Teams Logs


The phone logs now contain the Microsoft Teams logs so they can be shared with Microsoft support in case an issue arises where the phone is unable to upload these to the Teams Admin Center




Via the Web Interface navigate to Diagnostics > View & Download Logs > System Logs and the resulting plcmsyslog.tar.gz file contains inside the plcmsyslog.tar directory the subdirectories sdcard > android > data the com.microsoft.skype.teams.ipphone log files





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