[Software] CCX & Trio UC Software 7.2.0

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[Software] CCX & Trio UC Software 7.2.0

Hello all,


we released UC Software 7.2.0 for the Poly CCX and Trio C60, 8800, 8500 and 8300 for openSIP deployments >here<


NOTE: This is not an officially supported build to be used with Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Skype for Business!


What’s New:

Basic Authentication for Web Proxy 

Poly Trio phones support basic authentication on web proxy servers. This feature enables you to configure a username and password the phone can use to authenticate with your network’s web proxy server.


Note: At this time, Poly phones don’t support advanced web proxy authentication, such as TLS or certificate authentication. 

Set Up a Custom Background on Poly Trio or CCX Systems

Replace the phone’s default background image with a custom image or import multiple images that users can select from.


Trio 8500/8800/C60: 720x1208
Trio 8300: Not supported
CCX: previously supported, portrait: 720 × 1280, landscape: 1024 × 600

Example including transparent icons:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- 720x1208 -->
<!-- File extensions supported: .bmp .jpg .jpeg .jpe .jfif .png -->
<web bg.background.enabled="1"
	up.transparentLines="1" />


STIR/SHAKEN Call Validation

This release supports the STIR/SHAKEN standard protocol for caller ID verification. The STIR/SHAKEN protocol enables the phone to validate incoming calls to help prevent fraudulent acts such as call spoofing. Depending on the level of validation, the phone displays different icons in the caller ID screen. More details => here <=


Media Security Negotiation

Starting in UC Software 7.2.0, media security is processed separately from RFC 3329.

Turn Off Trio Mics When Using Visual Pro

Visual Pro users now turn the Trio microphones off and use existing external ones.

Settings include:

  • Auto - All microphones from the Trio, a daisy chained-Trio, or microphones connected to the VisualPro are available for use and the system will dynamically choose which mic is active based on the changing speaking environment.
  • TvOnly - The active microphones will be based only on what is available from the VisualPro (Ceiling mics, camera mics, or table top mics). Microphones on the Trio will not be used unless the VisualPro has no other microphone connected to it.
  • PhoneOnly - Only the microphones on the Trio or other daisy chained Trios will be used. Any microphone connected to the VisualPro such as camera mics or ceiling mics will never be used. For information on how to set these options up, refer to the Trio Administrator Guide.

Microsoft Teams Logs


The phone logs now contain the Microsoft Teams logs so they can be shared with Microsoft support in case an issue arises where the phone is unable to upload these to the Teams Admin Center



Via the Web Interface navigate to Diagnostics > View & Download Logs > System Logs and the resulting plcmsyslog.tar.gz file contains inside the plcmsyslog.tar directory the subdirectories sdcard > android > data the com.microsoft.skype.teams.ipphone log files


NOTE: This is not an officially supported build to be used with Microsoft Teams!


Support for Conference and Transfer Softkey


  • New support for transfer and conference >softkey<


CCX & Trio combined:


  • Older 7.1.1 Release >here<
  • Older 7.1.0 Release >here<
  • Older 7.0.3 Release >here<
  • Older 7.0.2 Release >here<
  • Older 7.0.1 Release >here<
  • Older 7.0.0 Relesae >here<



  • Older Release >here<
  • Older Release >here<
  • Older Release >here<



  • Older 5.9.5 Rev AB => here <=
  • Older 5.9.5 Rev AA => here <=
  • Older 5.9.4 Rev AB => here <=
  • Older 5.9.4 Rev AA => here <=
  • Older 5.9.3 Rev AB => here <=
  • Older 5.9.3 Rev AA => here <=
  • Older 5.9.2 Rev AB => here <=
  • Older 5.9.2 Rev AA => here <=
  • Older 5.9.1 Rev AC => here <=
  • Older Rev AB => here <=
  • Older Rev AA => here <=
  • Older Rev AD => here <=
  • Older Rev AA => here <=

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