[Software] CCX & Trio PVOS 8.0.1

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[Software] CCX & Trio PVOS 8.0.1

Hello all,


we just released PVOS Poly Voice Software 8.0.1 for compatible Poly CCX and Poly Trio phones


Important: Starting with version 8.0.0, Poly Voice Software (PVOS) is the new name for Poly United Communications (UC) Software. PVOS is now used in all technical documentation for Poly CCX business media phones.


NOTE: The Trio 8800 and 8500 will not receive any software later than 7.2.x!


Phone Model Software Version
Poly Trio C60
Poly Trio 8300
Poly CCX
Poly Edge E


What’s New

This release of PVOS includes all the features and important fixes from earlier software releases and the following new features:

● A New Name – Poly Voice Software (PVOS)
● Poly Fast Pair
● ICE, STUN, and TURN Support
● Accessibility Enhancements for Vision Disabilities
● Network Subnet Enhancements
● QR Code Enhancements

Poly frequently provides software updates with new features and recommends that you regularly update the software on your phones for the best performance and experience.


A New Name – Poly Voice Software (PVOS)

Poly CCX business media phones, Poly Trio C60 and Poly Trio 8300 conference phones, and the new Poly Edge E Series desk phones join under a new software name to deliver a unified experience. The previous Unified Communications (UC) Software name began when video became part of the voice desktop experience. Poly has a growing portfolio of products offering a wide range of customized partner experiences spanning several operating systems, and Poly Voice Software (PVOS) brings together the best new features and communication enhancements from Poly in joint software releases.
Starting with version 8.0.0, Poly Voice Software (PVOS) is the new name for Poly UC Software. PVOS is now used in all technical documentation for Poly CCX, Edge E, and Trio series phones in this and all future releases.

Poly Fast Pair

Poly Fast Pair enables Edge E Series desk phones to recognize that a nearby headset has entered pairing mode. For supported Poly headsets, the phone presents an image of the detected headset and asks if you wish to connect. This feature bypasses the need to open the settings menu and manually navigate to the Bluetooth settings to pair manually.

Poly Fast Pair leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to allow Bluetooth enabled Edge E series phones to recognize when a nearby compatible headset has entered pairing mode

Currently supported headsets:

● Voyager Focus 2 (v787_4266 or later)


● Voyager 4320 (v647.2725 or later)


Applies to products:
● Edge E Series


ICE, STUN, and TURN Support

The Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE), Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN), and Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN) firewall traversal protocols are now available for SIP signaling and in-call media.


As a general example of configuring ICE, STUN and TURN the following configuration may be applied

tcpIpApp.ice.stun.server="Address of your STUN server"
tcpIpApp.ice.turn.server="Address of your TURN server"
tcpIpApp.ice.username="ICE username"
tcpIpApp.ice.password="ICE Password"

Additional parameters used for fine tuning ICE are:


The Parameter Reference Guides will offer some additional description of each of these parameters

Applies to products:

● CCX Series
● Edge E Series
● Trio 8300
● Trio C60

Accessibility Enhancements for Vision Disabilities

Edge E Series offers color correction modes to enable people who are color blind or have other vision disabilities to adjust the phone’s local interface.



Applies to products:

● Edge E Series

ui.accessibility.colorCorrection.enabled="1" (default=0")
ui.accessibility.colorCorrection.mode="Deuteranomaly" (default)

Network Subnet Enhancements

To improve emergency calling for phones using the Microsoft SIP Teams Gateway, Poly phones now include the subnet length in the X-switch-info header.

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK78946131-99e1-de11-8845-080027608325;rport
From: <sip:13@>;tag=d60e6131-99e1-de11-8845-080027608325
To: <sip:13@>
Call-ID: e4ec6031-99e1
CSeq: 1 REGISTERX-switch-info: mac=b4:8a:5f:00:63:3c, port=Gi0/1/5, subnet_length=24
Contact: <sip:13@>;q=1

Configuration example:


Applies to products:

● CCX Series
● Edge E Series
● Trio 8300
● Trio C60

QR Code Enhancements

You can now customize the QR code descriptive text in the Help and Support menu.


Applies to products:

● Edge E Series

ui.menu.helpAndSupport.contact.help.QrCode_Title="Help Videos"
ui.menu.helpAndSupport.contact.help.QrCode_Description="Scan code using mobile…"

Zoom Rooms Controller

Poly Trio C60 phones optimized for Zoom Rooms act as a controller via the system’s touch user interface and provide audio for Zoom Room meetings through the built-in speakers and microphones. 

This software release includes the Zoom Rooms Controller version 5.11.0 (1386) as embedded software. For more information on this Zoom release, see the Zoom Help Center.


For the latest setup instructions, see the Integrating Poly Trio Systems with Zoom Rooms Solution Guide at Poly Solutions for Zoom Environments.

Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams application is included in each PVOS release for use on CCX 400, CCX 500, CCX 505, CCX 600, and Trio C60 phones. The Teams version included may be updated independently of the PVOS version using the Teams Admin Center. For more information on this Teams version, see What’s new in Microsoft Teams.


Important:     PVOS includes the Microsoft Teams base profile in every release; however, Microsoft support of a release depends on the PVOS version delivered by Microsoft through the Teams Admin Center.

Microsoft Teams Component Versions

Microsoft Component


Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Admin Agent (v361)

Microsoft Intune Company Portal



Release History


Release Release Date Features
8.0.1 Oct-22  
8.0.0 Sep-22  
7.3.2 Aug-22  
7.3.1 Jul-22 Microsoft Teams version rollback to 2022 update 1C
7.2.1 Rev C Mar-22 • Intune Fix        • VLAN Fix        • Support for Microsoft Teams version 1449/
7.2.1 Rev B Feb-22 • Support for Microsoft Teams version 1449/
7.2.1 Feb-22 Maintenance release for Poly Trio & CCX business media phones, Microsoft Teams App 1449/
7.1.4 Dec-21 Maintenance release for Poly CCX business media phones
• Support for Microsoft Teams version 1449/
7.1.3 Nov-21 Maintenance release for Poly Trio & CCX systems
7.0.3C Jul-21 Maintenance release for Poly Trio & CCX systems
7.0.3B Jun-21 Maintenance release for Poly Trio & CCX systems
7.0.2 Apr-21 Maintenance release for Poly Trio & CCX systems


Edge E, CCX, Trio C60 & Trio 8300 combined:


  • Older 8.0.0 Release >here<
  • Older 7.3.2 Release >here<
  • Older 7.3.1 Release >here<

CCX & Trio combined


  • Older 7.2.3 Release >here<
  • Older 7.2.2 Rev B Release >here<
  • Older 7.2.1 Rev B Release >here<
  • Older 7.2.1 Release >here<
  • Older 7.1.4 Release >here<
  • Older 7.1.1 Release >here<
  • Older 7.1.0 Release >here<
  • Older 7.0.3 Release >here<
  • Older 7.0.2 Release >here<
  • Older 7.0.1 Release >here<
  • Older 7.0.0 Relesae >here<



  • Older Release >here<
  • Older Release >here<
  • Older Release >here<



  • Older 5.9.5 Rev AB => here <=
  • Older 5.9.5 Rev AA => here <=
  • Older 5.9.4 Rev AB => here <=
  • Older 5.9.4 Rev AA => here <=
  • Older 5.9.3 Rev AB => here <=
  • Older 5.9.3 Rev AA => here <=
  • Older 5.9.2 Rev AB => here <=
  • Older 5.9.2 Rev AA => here <=
  • Older 5.9.1 Rev AC => here <=
  • Older Rev AB => here <=
  • Older Rev AA => here <=
  • Older Rev AD => here <=
  • Older Rev AA => here <=

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