Provisioning & customization of IP650 phone

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Provisioning & customization of IP650 phone

We have a special request about simplification of the call transfer process using the IP 650 phones. Here is what we're trying to accomplish:


Today - We use a SwitchVox PBX system that puts a custom image on our IP 650 phones. The image does not allow us to customize the buttons on the phones.


The challenge: We have conference bridge functionality in our phone system. When a user is on a conf call its possible that a participant to call the user instead of the conf bridge number. The steps the user must take to get that participant into the conf bridge are as follows:


1. Put the conf bridge call on hold

2. Answer the call from the participant

3. Press Transfer

4. Enter extension of conference bridge

5. Press Transfer

6. Go back to the conf bridge appearance.


We'd like to simplify this process. In order to do that we need to overwrite the SwitchVox firmware with (i assume) Polycom's default firmware. Then we'd like to customize a hard button on an IP650 to perform #1 and #2 - or #1, #2, AND #3 (so one button for two/three functions -assuming this could be done with a macro). So we're trying to simplify this one process, which apparently is a big enough problem to warrant going this way.


I'm looking to find out if:


1. Can this be done in the IP650 phones?

2. If so, how do we do it? I found a variety of documents (#42250, #35361) that seem to talk about this but don't exactly provide a step-by-step method of how to do modify the phones.


Any help or direction would be appreciated.

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Re: Provisioning & customization of IP650 phone

Hello Alex,

Welcome to the Polycom Community.


I would recommend, if not already installed, to upgrade your Phones 1st to UCS 3.3.1 Rev F






Above is both the UCS 3.3.1 Software and the BootROM 4.3.0


Download and unzip above into one directory


Polycom Phones require a provisioning Boot Server. This can be HTTP(S),FTP(S) or TFTP


Please check the changing the language example at


Then read => here <= Above explains how to setup a free FTP Provisioning Server.

Once the Phone is setup to boot from the server check the Technical Bulletins => here <= 


Above holds plenty of examples. In addition familiarise yourself with the UCS Admin Guide => here <= 


One way to approach your issue would be to utilize so called Enhance Feature Keys. These macros can dial numbers, pause, send dtmf or mimic other complex key stroke sequences.

The CONFIG_FILES="" Section of a 000000000000.cfg is being used to either load templates or own files that you create via an XML Editor or Freeware Editor like notepad++

Open the 000000000000.cfg and store it with the MAC Address of your Phone.

Please be aware that since UCS 3.3.0 we no longer require a sip.cfg or phone1.cfg!

Create a new File for example called buttons.cfg

Below is an example based on a previous SIP Version and should only be used as an example as some commands/parameters have changed in UCS 3.3.x

<feature feature.18.name="enhanced-feature-keys" feature.18.enabled="1"/><softkey softkey.feature.forward="0"/><softkey softkey.2.enable="1" softkey.2.label="SpFwd" softkey.2.action="$FDivert$$FSelect$$FSoftKey2$" softkey.2.use.idle="1"/><divert divert.1.contact="01234"/>

Above was used to remove the original Soft Button for a Call Forward and replace it with a Feature Key/Macro.


Now change within the <mac>.cfg CONFIG_FILES="" into CONFIG_FILES="buttons.cfg"


Once the Phone reboots you should see the change on your Phone.

Please ensure that you allow to write and append on the FTP Server as the <mac>-app.log and <mac>-boot.log hold valuable Information that will help you troubleshooting any issues.

Best regards

Steffen Baier


If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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Re: Provisioning & customization of IP650 phone

Hi Alexcrc,

I wanted to clarify this:

@alexcrc wrote:

When a user is on a conf call its possible that a participant to call the user instead of the conf bridge number.

If I'm reading this correctly, users are calling each-other instead of the conference bridge number, so they have to be transferred back to the conference bridge?


Wouldnt it be easier to re-direct users to dial the correct conference bridge number instead? :)



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