Polycom Trio - Zoom Dual Register - TCP Socket Got Lock


Polycom Trio - Zoom Dual Register - TCP Socket Got Lock


I am trying to get Dual register with Zoom and Broadworks on Trio 8800 on below phone.

Phone ModelTrio 8800 , Part Number3111-65290-001 Rev:A, MAC Address 00:04:F2:FD:FE:77

UC Software Version


Both lines are on TLS and intermittenlty i am seeing the ZOOM on line 2 is losing registration it re-registeres eventually and in App log i am seeing the below. Has anyone seen this before


1112145843|sip |5|00|SSL_get_error nLen 0 errno 0 nError 5 = (0)error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0)
1112145843|sip |4|00|TLS Listen Thread Exit
1112145843|sip |1|00|MsgSipTcpSocketStatus socket 290 status 0 m_bIsReconnectNeeded 0
1112145843|sip |2|00|CTcpSocket::OnSocketStatus socket 290(0x416bc788) bStatus 0
1112145843|sip |3|00|SocketFailCb: for REG call m_nExpire 6840 m_nOverlap 120
1112145843|sip |3|00|NewRegisterState: 'Register' 'Registered' -> 'Registering' Expires 6840 Overlap 120 for (0x418d061c)
1112145843|sip |3|00|CUser::OnRegistered Entry for call 0x418d061c with expires 0 ticks Transport 'TLS' inval Method 2 RROFO 0
1112145843|sip |3|00|CUser::OnRegistered continuing due to transport 'TLS' or inval Method 2
1112145843|sip |3|00|CUser::NewWorkingServer user 1 oldServer 0 newServer 0 expires 0
1112145843|sip |3|00|SipOnEvNewWorkingServer User 1, old 0, new 0, expire 0
1112145843|sip |3|00|SipOnEvRegistrarUpdate User 1, index 0, state 0, expire 0, working 1 bIsOcs 0 prevIx -1 nStatusCode 0 isSfbOnPrem 1
1112145843|sip |3|00|CUser::HasNoCallCallInState for User 0004f2fdfe77,Index 1, total calls 1 state 'SubscribeAddressBook' rc 0 of type Not Applicable
1112145843|sip |1|00|CStkDialog::SetDialogState: Dialog 'id04310c09' State 'Confirmed'->'Terminated'
1112145843|sip |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog SetAddressLocal Config 'Trio-UC-Rob' <0004f2fdfe77@polycom-device:0>
1112145843|sip |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog AddressLocal set to Config
1112145843|sip |3|00|CStkDialog::SetAddressLocal localTag set to ''
1112145843|sip |3|00|CStkDialog::SetAddressLocal new address added of 1
1112145843|sip |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog TAG '3F0E6ACB-60DF4DBF' generated
1112145843|sip |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog local addr 'Trio-UC-Rob' <0004f2fdfe77@polycom-device:0> Tag '3F0E6ACB-60DF4DBF'
1112145843|sip |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog exit 0x28eeba8 local list size 1
1112145843|sip |2|00|CStkDialogList::CreateDialogObject localTarg usr '0004f2fdfe77'
1112145843|sip |3|00|SocketFailCb: consecutive Attempts 0 baseTimeOut 60 maxTimeOut 60 exponTimeOut 60 randomTimeOut 33
1112145843|sip |3|00|CTcpSocket::~CTcpSocket socket 290 entry for 0x416bc788
1112145843|sip |3|00|CTcpSocket::~CTcpSocket socket 290(0x416bc788) SSL_shutdown rc=0, ltf(1)
1112145843|sip |3|00|CTcpSocket::~CTcpSocket socket 290(0x416bc788) close
1112145843|sip |3|00|CTcpSocket::~CTcpSocket Got lock
1112145843|sip |3|00|SipStartFailOver 1






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Re: Polycom Trio - Zoom Dual Register - TCP Socket Got Lock

Hello @robertrozario ,


Welcome back to the Poly Community.


If nobody else has any ideas the next step would be a ticket.

In order to raise a support ticket, you need to work with your Poly reseller as they may need to do this for you.

End Customers are usually unable to open a ticket directly with Poly support.

I can see WESTCON GROUP EUROPEAN OPERATIONS LIMITED sold this device in 09/05/2016

As the unit is no longer within the warranty please be prepared to Pay Per Incident / PPI. This is all outlined in detail here

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier


If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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