Polycom IP 335 - Cisco RV 320 - Asterisk

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Polycom IP 335 - Cisco RV 320 - Asterisk

Hi There, 


I am trying to register a Polycom IP 335 to an Asterisk PBX (Vicidial) which is on the Internet.  The Polycom IP 335 is behind a Cisco RV 320 Router.   The registration to the SIP server is not working.

But whereas a Softphone Xlite registers and works fine, can anybody throw some light on this and help me resolve this issue.


Thanks in advance


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Re: Polycom IP 335 - Cisco RV 320 - Asterisk

Hello Rao,


With the limited information you have provided, it's very difficult to offer suggestions.


That said, have you tried the phone on a different network, not behind the Cisco RV? I know I have seen SIP issues with different specific models of phones on certain routers.


You also need to confirm the NAT configuration of the Asterisk box you are trying to connect to. Xlite and other hardware phones use STUN and mangle their contact header to work around NAT issues, and Polycoms don't do this, so if your NAT configuration is wrong on the server, it will fail to connect.

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