Poly CCX Teams/8x8 Integration

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Poly CCX Teams/8x8 Integration

Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone could clarify a few points with the 8x8/Teams integration with the CCX series handsets.


I can see that you can register the handsets directly to 8x8 and have them working that way. I've done some digging within the latest firmware and guide notes and it says you can integrate to Teams as well.


My main question would be with the Teams integration. Say I have a customer setup with 8x8 direct routing, so at the moment calls are being answered within Teams softphone. All working okay. If I were to add a CCX handset into the mix, would I simply login to the CCX with my Teams/O365 account and it would dual fork to Teams softphone and also the CCX hard phone?


From there, how much functionality could be used from the handset. For example, DND, Hold, Mute etc etc


Thank you in advance!

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