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Jabra Hookswitch

He everyone,


I just got a Polycom IP560 phone and bought a Jabra Pro 920 headset with a 14201-17 EHS adapter, but can't get it to answer a call using the button on the headset. I went to Menu>Settings>Basic>Preferences>Headset>Hookswitch Mode and made sure it's set to Jabra EHS. Am I missing something? The headset itself works great if I push the button with the headset picture on it to answer.

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Re: Jabra Hookswitch

Hi there!


It looks like you have the right cable and you have the Polycom phone on the correct setting, it should be working. I would recommend unplugging the AC power adapter and the EHS cord, then re-plug them both back in after 10 seconds. Also, try restarting your Polycom phone.


If neither of these steps work you could have a defective EHS cord. If that's the case and these were both ordered new, then you have a 1 year warranty from Jabra. Worst case scenario you might need to get a GN1000 with a Plantronics L bracket for remote answering.


Let me know If I can help with anything else.


Thank you,


-Drew Merritt

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