Ip6000 Intializing Network issue

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Ip6000 Intializing Network issue

I need to downgrade an IP6000 to as my hosted supplier requires this . When i carry out a reset on the unit and then try and connect to it I cant . Do I need to connect it to a server or can I just use a static IP and then web browse to the device so I can downgrade it ? Any help appreciated as been trying all day on this .

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Re: Ip6000 Intializing Network issue

Hi AlenRoberts


I am surprised your hosted supplier cannot do this for you?!

There are a couple of ways you can do this...

1. If you have a TFTP server on the same network you can upload the required firmware to the root directory of the TFTP server and point the device to that server which in turn will allow the device to download it. firmware located here:



2. You can use the web config page from the phone (page 20 of the user guide):




Settings->advanced->(enter admin pw)->administration settings->web server configuration->web server->enabled->save and exit


Hope this helps


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