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Invalid login credentials



I am getting " Invalid login credentials "  when I try to get the corporate directory working.  I edited the feature.cfg file with our info.  Attached is a copy of this file for review.


Can anyone point me to what I should be looking at to get the corporate directory setup and working?





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Re: Invalid login credentials

Hello Pete,


it is not very good practice to use the whole of the features.cfg or other template files if you only utilize some Parameters from it as the phone has to load in addition all the standard parameters that are already set in the software again.


Please use in the future the CODE functionality of the Community to post the relevant section only.


I did not spend to much time with the configuration as there are already working examples of the Corporate Directory within the community but I did see that you used the <dir.corp.auth dir.corp.auth.useLoginCredentials="1"> Parameter.


In addition the Feature Descriptions & Technical Notifications hold a complete example for LDAP/Corporate Directory => here <=


The dir.corp.auth.useLoginCredentials and the dir.corp.domain are to my knowledge not documented in any SIP or UC Software Admin Guide and should therefore not just be used or activated without knowing what these specific Parameters are used for.


In addition it is always helpful if you let the community know the Software Version you are currently testing against and possibly activate a <log log.level.change.ldap="2" /> so you can just check the -app.log and -boot.log for LDAP Errors and any miss configured Parameters.


A working LDAP Example tested against Windows 2008 Server running UCS 3.3.1 Rev F is:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- PlcmConversionCreatedFile version=1.2 converted=Wed Jun 22 13:50:12 2011 -->
<!-- LDAP Example for Active Directorty Server -->
<polycomConfig xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="polycomConfig.xsd">
<feature feature.corporateDirectory.enabled="1"/>
    <dir.corp dir.corp.address="ldap://" dir.corp.backGroundSync="0" dir.corp.baseDN="dc=t2voice,dc=tech-support,dc=lab" dir.corp.filterPrefix="(objectclass=person)(!(objectclass=computer))(telephoneNumber=*)" dir.corp.password="password" dir.corp.port="389" dir.corp.transport="tcp" dir.corp.user="ldap@t2voice.tech-support.lab">
      <dir.corp.attribute dir.corp.attribute.1.label="Last Name" dir.corp.attribute.1.name="sn" dir.corp.attribute.1.type="last_name " dir.corp.attribute.2.label="First Name" dir.corp.attribute.2.name="givenName" dir.corp.attribute.2.type="first_name" dir.corp.attribute.3.name="telephoneNumber" dir.corp.attribute.3.label="Phone Number" dir.corp.attribute.3.type="phone_number" dir.corp.attribute.4.label="IP Address" dir.corp.attribute.4.name="ipPhone" dir.corp.attribute.4.type="H323_address"/>


Please be aware if you are running any SIP Software release like SIP 3.2.x or older the <feature feature.corporateDirectory.enabled="1"/> must be changed to match the feature.19.name="corporate-directory" feature.19.enabled="1" within the sip.cfg.


Best regards


Steffen Baier


Polycom Global Services


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