IP6000 Dial Plan Port

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IP6000 Dial Plan Port

I currently have an IP6000 phone which registers to the SIP stack on port 5060.


For call setup INVITEs these must go to port 5080 i.e. sip:0122344515@


I've got the current configuration on the phone, however it delivers calls to 5060 still rather than 5080. Registrations do register on 5060 as expected:


	dialplan.applyToCallListDial = "1"
	dialplan.applyToDirectoryDial = "1"
	dialplan.applyToRemoteDialing = "1" 
	dialplan.applyToTelUriDial = "1"
	dialplan.applyToUserDial = "1"
	dialplan.applyToUserSend = "1">
		dialplan.digitmap = "101T|112T|123T|999T|[1-9]xxxT|0[1-9]xxxxxxxx.T|00[1-9]xxxxxxx.|T"
			dialplan.routing.server.1.address = ""
			dialplan.routing.server.1.port = "5080"
			dialplan.routing.server.1.transport = "TCPOnly"


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Re: IP6000 Dial Plan Port

To update from my original post, I have now tried this on both versions 3 and 4 of the software, both with the same result.


I have also tried updating the setting in the GUI however this appears to take no effect either looking at the wireshark trace.


Any ideas?

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