IP 7000 Polycom BUS - cohexistance with XD8000HD


IP 7000 Polycom BUS - cohexistance with XD8000HD

Dear all,


we have a configuration where a Suund Station IP 7000 is connected to both a Cisco UCM and a Polycom Station XD8000HD. The connection is via the Microfone BUS in the following sequence:


Polycom XD8000HD <-------> Microphone <-------> IP 7000 <---------> Microphone

But we also tried:

Polycom XD8000HD <-------> Microphone <-------> IP 7000


What we see is that the micropones seem to respond well only to one device at the time.


- For example, after rebooting the IP 7000, microphones repond well to this device, while after rebooting the XD8000, or disconnecting the IP 7000, microphones seem to work fine with the videoconference.


In either case, we can see signalling information on the IP 7000 display.
For example, an incoming call conference is also shown on the IP 7000 display, but when answering the AUDIO doesnt reach this station.

On the other hand if we make a phone call from the IP 7000, audio is not amplyfied via the XD 8000.


Bottom line is, it seems like these two stations can not cohexist on the same BUS.

Do we have to specify this kind of configuration anywhere in the system?


Many thanks,



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Re: IP 7000 Polycom BUS - cohexistance with XD8000HD

Dera all,


It seems to be a Firmware Issue.

In the IP 7000 advanced menu I can't see the HDX option to setup Daisy Chaining, as descirbed by the integration guide.


FW in IP 7000 is now 3.x while the latest is 4.X


Will update the forum with new results after the FW upgrade.




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Polycom Employee & Community Manager

Re: IP 7000 Polycom BUS - cohexistance with XD8000HD

Hello Francesco,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

Usually the release notes accompanying the HDX / SSIP Software Version contain the information what the recommended supported level of Software needs to be on both units.


There is also a specific Video SSIP support page => here <= hosting the Integration Guide for the SoundStation IP 7000 Connected to HDX Series or RealPresence Group Series (in Unsupported VoIP Environments).

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services


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HDX + SoundStation Integration: Join Audio Call

Dear All,


I have fixed the previuos problem of integrating a Sound Station with an HDX Video conference station.


Audio and Video calls are working fine together - however - I am unable to add a phone call while participating to a videoconference.


1) When already on a phone call, I can join the conference and the audio is properly merged BUT

2) When in a video conference, if I try to add a new phone call, instead of starting from the Sound Station, using our VoIP system, it tries to use the Video Conference HDX 8000.


Note: The HDX has a quad/BRI interface connected for VideoConference Backup, but there are no ISDN lines connected. Could this be the issue. The intention is that Voice Calls should go out from the VoIP network and not from the QuadBRI.


Thank you,



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