Get rid of auto added * in dir.corp.attribute.x.filter

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Get rid of auto added * in dir.corp.attribute.x.filter

With no usable answer to my previous post: yet, I kept on experimenting myself to see how to get the phone to load only members of a certain AD group in the corporate directory.


I'm quite close now by using an extra dir.corp.attribute.x.filter, filtering on it and making it sticky:




Using wirshark I see the phone sending the following query:


Filter: (&(&(objectclass=Person)(sn=b*))(memberOf=CN=phonelist,OU=Groups,OU=TASS,DC=wdm,DC=local*))

(looking for names starting with b here)


This query is correct except for the * added at the end of the CN=phonelist,OU=Groups,OU=corp,DC=domain,DC=local value.

Tested and without that * the query would be working, with the * it isn't.


So the question is: where does it come from and how do I get rid of it?

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