[FAQ] Improved OpenSip Registration Fail-over Support

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[FAQ] Improved OpenSip Registration Fail-over Support

Traditionally we support multiple methods of failover.


A method described  => here <= is called Configure Fault Tolerance and can be used for all Phones but the document only describes this for SoundStations and the Trio.


A Discussion about this can be found => here <=


Since UC Software 5.5.2 the Polycom Trio supports up to three registrations which the Phone can failover once the main server goes down.


This can for example be used with a Cisco Call Manager as described => here <=


The method described below is not the same as in the Engineering Advisory 66546 aka the Configuring Optional Re-Registration on Failover Behavior => here <=


NOTE: This feature is currently only supported on Polycom Trio’s


The Failover to another server can take up to 30 Seconds and 60 Seconds to re-register to the original first server.









<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!--Description: CUCM Server Settings for Line 1 registration-->
  <ALL reg.1.server.1.address="[server1 IP or FQDN]" reg.1.server.1.port="5060" reg.1.server.1.transport="TCPOnly" reg.1.server.1.retryMaxCount="20" reg.1.server.1.retryTimeOut="500" reg.1.server.1.failOver.failBack.timeout="60" reg.1.server.1.failOver.reRegisterOn="1" reg.1.server.1.failOver.concurrentRegistration="0" reg.1.server.2.address="[server2 IP or FQDN]" reg.1.server.2.port="5060" reg.1.server.2.transport="TCPOnly" reg.1.server.2.failOver.failBack.timeout="60" reg.1.server.2.failOver.reRegisterOn="1" reg.1.server.2.failOver.concurrentRegistration="0" reg.1.server.3.address="[server3 IP or FQDN]" reg.1.server.3.port="5060" reg.1.server.3.transport="TCPOnly" reg.1.server.3.failOver.failBack.timeout="60" reg.1.server.3.failOver.reRegisterOn="1" reg.1.server.3.failOver.concurrentRegistration="0" reg.1.tcpFastFailover="1" />










<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!--Description: CUCM User Registration for Line 1 - do not use if using RPRM CUCM Integration-->
  <ALL reg.1.address="[aor-dn-ext]" reg.1.auth.userId="[authuser]" reg.1.auth.password="[authpassword]" reg.1.displayName="[displayname]" reg.1.label="[linekey-label]" />






Web Interface:





Settings > Logging > Global Settings > Global Log Level Limit > Debug
Settings > Logging > Global Settings > Global Log Level Limit > Log File Size (Kbytes) > ForTrio 10000
Settings > Logging > Log File Upload > Upload Append Size Limit (Kbytes) > 51200
Settings > Logging > Module Log Level Limits > SIP > Debug


Prior to Failover:




During Failover:



If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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