[FAQ] Airplay Troubleshooting

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[FAQ] Airplay Troubleshooting

The below FAQ should help to sort out issues with the Poly Trio's ability of Local Display of Apple® AirPlay® certified devices via Screen Mirroring.


  • Poly does not support P2P AirPlay
  • Using a Poly VisualPlus aka the RealPresence GroupSeries requires a Poly Pano for AirPlay support


First of all, a license is required to use this feature.


You may not use the feature on one or more devices than you have a valid license for until a license or additional licenses have been purchased. These licenses should be purchased from the same company from which you purchased the devices. Poly reserves the right to audit your deployment to verify that you have sufficient licenses to match the number of devices being used.


Part Number aka SKU: 5150-84981-001


  • Devices Supported: Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook

  • Trio and AirPlay device need to be on the same subnet or if on different subnets, they need to be routable with multicast DNS (Bonjour) bridged between the two subnets for discovery

  • Network Ports/Broadcasts:
    Bonjour discovery: UDP port 5353
    Airplay Session: TCP ports 7000, 7100, 8009, 47000, UDP port 1900

  • Only “Screen Mirroring” mode is supported. Certain iOS apps use “Video Mirroring” mode – this is not supported (example. iOS YouTube app).

  • Local content presentation only (content will not be transmitted to the far end when in a point to point call or conference)

  • The maximum resolutions and frame rates supported are 720@60fps or 1080@30fps


To enable the Feature simply create a configuration file with the following:


<test content.airplayServer.enabled="1" content.airplayServer.name="AdvertisedNamePleaseChange" />



Bonjour discovery:




Usually, a compatible device will send a Standard query to on port 5353 to "search" for compatible devices.


A compatible device will then send back a Standard query response advertising its own name and IP.


0928115503|airpl|3|00|Adding to the replay list

The above shows the MacBookAir connecting to the Polycom Trio using the AirPlay Library logging module at Event 3.


A passcode can be used to secure connections and the Security Code is being displayed on the Visual+ screen:




Or on the Trio itself:



The parameter used for this is:



The code will change every 1440 minutes and after every session once disconnected.


Additional Information:


Regarding AirPlay functionality over different VLANs (multicast routing) most Enterprise Wi-Fi vendors have “Bonjour gateways” included with the APs/Controllers.



Aruba Instant AirGroup




Aruba Controllers AirGroup
















Airplay Logging:




The above modules can be set to Debug or higher in order to provide support with Logs.


If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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