[FAQ] Add Zoom interoperability to the Polycom Trio

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[FAQ] Add Zoom interoperability to the Polycom Trio


NOTE: Updated Poly only supported Zoom Examples for registered or unregistered Hybrid registration added (18/01/2019)


1. Poly Trio 8800 and 8500 native Zoom Support:


Since Trio UC Software 5.7.1 Poly now supports the Zoom Rooms Control (ZRC) application running natively on the Polycom Trio

NOTE: The Poly C60 is not yet certified to be used by Zoom Rooms!


To enable connect the Trio via a USB Cable to a Zoom Room PC or Mac:







Join Scheduled Meeting





Meet Now




Join with Meeting ID




For more details or official Support please check => here <= and/or work with Zoom support directly


Another option, if a USB cable cannot be used due to length restrictions is to use the Poly Virtual USB Connector For Zoom Rooms which is available for Poly Trio 8800 and 8500 for usage with Windows PC's


The above uses an IP connection (Similar to BToE) to provide the Trio Microphone and Speaker on a Zoom Room PC.


To troubleshoot this for Zoom or Poly Support please check => here <= for details



2. Poly supported Trio Hybrid Registration Mode using a Visual+/VisualPro:


Note: This is not supported on a Poly Trio C60!


In addition to the native above Zoom supported variant users can use the Polycom supported Hybrid mode


There are 2 different types of examples attached:


  • Zoom-Registered-LX.cfg
    X stands for Line 2, 3 or 4

For this type of example, the customer needs to create a device on the Zoom Portal (this is using a 3rd Party Device/Other Brand and not a Polycom device) and add all the information from the Zoom console to populate the attached example.




NOTE: For issues with this configuration do not contact Zoom support in regards to Polycom as this is using a 3rd Party device (Other Brand) 


3. Poly supported Trio Hybrid Mode using a Visual+/VisualPro not registering to Zoom server:


  • Zoom-Unregistered-LX.cfg
    X stands for Line 2, 3 or 4

This method does not register with Zoom directly and enables users to dial into a Zoom room.


Since UC Software 5.5.2 the Polycom Trio supports hybrid registration. This enables the Poly Trio to register natively to a Skype for Business server or an openSIP server on line 1 but offers to set also a Zoom registration to Line 2.


Simply download the attached files => here <= and unzip these.


Then simply import the one suiting your setup via your Web Interface as shown => here <=.


This will create a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) Line and pressing this line will automatically dial into a Zoom conference.


Zoom_Trio_meeting_02.png Zoom_Trio_meeting.png


3. Polycom supported Trio Hybrid Registration Mode not using a Visual+/VisualPro:


Note: This is not supported on a Poly Trio C60!


Create a config file with this content:

<web reg.x.offerDummyVideoMLine="1"/>


Were the x represents the line assigned to Zoom. Aka for line 2:


<web reg.2.offerDummyVideoMLine="1"/>


And import it via the Web Interface.


If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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