Emergency business situation, loss of VOIP phones....

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Emergency business situation, loss of VOIP phones....

Good morning, I will be brief in the asking here, but to be quite blunt, I am the CEO of a smaller nonprofit agency in Kansas that recently went through a total loss flood, now having lost several thousand dollars of Polycom equipment plus the loss of the rest of the hardware.  In addition, a week after my flood, my VOIP provider went bankrupt, totally out of business, therefore no services to date.  This puts me in a true crisis, emergency situation with my clients because I do in person and online/public human rescue of the homeless and mentally ill 7 days/week.  Considering the dollar amount of this loss coupled with the fact that rarely do I ask for or accept donations, but at this point I am really forced into asking Polycom management at this point if they would do an emergency donation of hardware and set me up with a reliable VOIP provider.


PLEASE take an extra look at my post here especially if you are a “community expert/leader, or Polycom Manager” I need your immediate assistance if possible.  


I would be most appreciative.





I am hard of hearing. Email me direct; erik@design55.org.


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