Do the VVX or soundpoint IP model lines timeout for requesting dhcp?

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Do the VVX or soundpoint IP model lines timeout for requesting dhcp?

Hello. We run a wide range of Polycom models and firmwares. For clarity I'll specify the vvx310 connecting via SIP running firmware 4.1.8. My question is whether or not these units will stop trying to request an IP address if a dhcp server does not respond. Twice we have run into a situation where a core switch came up way later then the edge switches. By that time about 80 percent of the phones on the edge switches seemed to have given up on requesting dhcp. If we did a show lldp info remote-device the result showed all the phones which didnt come back up to have assigned themselves a default ip of or something along those lines. They all had the same 172.24 ip. (to specify the edge switches in this location are Procurve 2610s running 11.107 and the core is a Procurve 5406zl running. Rebooting the phones caused them to come back up without issue. I searched the UC admin manual for a device.dhcp.timeout setting but found none. I did find evidence of that command existing in the past. Anyways if anyone can clarify on how long these phones should try for dhcp (and if theres a way to change that) that would be great! (fyi all the phones landed on the correct vlan and their mac's showed up on that vlan they just simply seemed to give up on dhcp). The PBX we use (all over the place) is Freepbx 12.x not that it matters in this case but in the spirit of following posting rules... =)

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Re: Do the VVX or soundpoint IP model lines timeout for requesting dhcp?

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In regards of your new question a Phone not receiving a DHCP Offer looks as follows:


000024.104|dhcpc|*|00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 0
000024.108|dhcpc|2|00|init v4: mkfifo succeeds /etc/dhcpstate.fifo.
000024.109|dhcpc|2|00|dhcInit: Initialized dhcp v4.
000024.109|dhcpc|3|00|dhcAddIf v4 succeeds: eth0.
000024.979|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: state:
000024.985|dhcpc|3|00|relLease(0) v4: Succeeded to fork dhclient to terminate.
000025.910|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: PREINIT
000226.870|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
000226.881|dhcpc|3|00|getLease v4: Succeeded to fork dhclient.
000631.359|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
001002.877|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
001501.050|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
001934.462|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
002427.858|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
002857.963|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
003240.202|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
003754.022|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
004254.639|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
004800.998|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
005200.238|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
005716.102|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
010344.418|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 state: FAIL
010800.481|dhcpc|3|00|dhcListener: Read succeeds: eth0 ip: 

The time shown is in seconds and I left it over an hour and it keeps trying.


It obviously depends on your network if there are any LLDP or CDP replies to anything but we would need logs for this.


If this is causing you an issue, and I suggest upgrading your software to a currently supported version, then the next step would be as advised prior to open a Support Ticket with your Polycom reseller.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

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