Desktop Connector not connecting (VVX400)

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Desktop Connector not connecting (VVX400)

I've tried entering both my IP and my FQDN for Server Address with the same results.  After I select "Reconnect", I do not get the screen that asks to allow sharing with the PC.  The phone and computer are connected to the same switch and the firewall is open for the PC app.


I have set the PDC logging to "Event 1" and below are the results.


0218155330|acom |4|00|App "pdc" has failed to read a message, error number = 92
0218155330|acom |5|00|AppComServer encountered a connection error.
0218155330|acom |4|00|Application pdc from [63935] has been disconnected.
0218155338|pdc |*|00|Initial log entry. Current logging level 4
0218155338|pdc |3|00|pdc Connected to SPIP Core application at
0218155338|pdc |*|00|PDC feature is enabled
0218155338|pdc |*|00|PDC Client configured. Server: {SNIP} Port: 24800 User: {SNIP} Orientation 3 (size: 320 x 240)
0218155338|pdc |1|00|PDC Client::Instance - pInstance: 0
0218155338|pdc |1|00|PDC Client::constructor - new client instantiated - calling configure()
0218155338|pdc |1|00|PDC Client::configure - cur settings - IP: , server: , clientName: 121952, userName:
0218155338|pdc |1|00|PDC Client::configure - new settings - IP:, server: {SNIP}, clientName: 116600, userName: {SNIP}
0218155338|pdc |1|00|PDC Client::constructor - constructor complete
0218155338|pdc |3|00|PDC Client::startContinuum - unconnected state - calling connectTCP
0218155338|pdc |1|00|PDC Client::connectTCP called
0218155338|pdc |1|00|PDC Client::connectTCP - attempt connect
0218155338|pdc |1|00|PDC Client: connectTCP() failed
0218155340|pdc |1|00|PDC Client: connectTCP() failed

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