DND hack - EFK macros

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DND hack - EFK macros

Is there a work around, such as an EFK hack on a softkey that could cause a phone to indicate that it is in an active call?  


RingCentral either refuses to or is not technically capable of displaying the DND status of a Polycom phone to another physical phone.     Our receptionist can see a red light when another extension is on a call,  all we want is the same red light if they push DND as well.     (You know, just like the capability of every PBX based phone system of the last several decades)   


I've given up on seeing an actual DND implementation, now just searching for an effective work around.   Best Regards,


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DND work around / EFK hack ?

Sorry if duplicated, my original post seems to have disappeared.


Can anyone think of an EFK macro workaround that would force a Polycom VX250 or 450 to show it is in an active call or off-hook to the other phones in?    Our receptionist can see a red light on phones that are in-use,  however the phones look open when they are in DND status.


A "leading vendor" either refuses or is technically incapable of receiving and sending the DND status of the physical phones, a feature that was standard across phone systems for decades.   


I've given up on getting them to implement such a feature.  Now just looking for any creative work around that will let the receptionist see the phone is unavailable to receive calls.   If I program a soft key to dial an invalid * number I can receive a busy signal for 30 seconds or so which lights up the receptionist, but it drops the call after that.  


Any other creative suggestions?   Thank you

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Re: DND work around / EFK hack ?

Hello @mdc ,

Your post ended up in the Spam Filter so I moved this here. Either the pattern used to post or something else trigger this. Once this happens one of the community volunteers needs to manually remove this.


There is no need to raise an abuse request as it simply needs to be manually verified. The poly community is run by volunteers and if you need urgent support please open a support ticket if the unit is still in warranty. If outside of warranty please work with your Poly reseller who sold the phone on PPI/Pay per Incident support ticket.


I would suggest you work with Ring Central as they own the platform and therefore the signalling between their platform and our phones.


Only they would be able to add such a feature. 

We can only point you at our FAQ:


Nov 25, 2011 Question: How can I change the functionality of a softkey button/use EFK?

Resolution: Please check => here <=

Best Regards

Steffen Baier


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Re: DND hack - EFK macros

Hi mdc, as mentioned its up to Ring Central. Please note that in call is a line state and that DND or Away or in Meeting is a presence state. The used reception application and there services (Ring Central) behind it, should support this requested feature. It is not a phone driven feature.
And a solution should not be come from a phone configuration.

Its a choice which has been made to go to Ring Central. Most of the Cloud based platform do not have all the feature which have been taking for granted in the last decades.
But that is how it is, address this to Ring Central or your Service provider to see it they can create a solution.  


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Re: DND hack - EFK macros

Thank you for the replies,


Yes I've reached out to the vendor but there does not seem to be any hope of them implementing synchronization for physical phone presence data, ever.


The DND feature was not required when we selected the vendor, it has just become a point of interest after the fact.  


This is why I was just asking the poly community if anyone could think of a creative work-around to make the phone appear as if it is on an active call, as this is the only time the cloud server updates the other phones in the system.   It is a long shot but I am just trying to exhaust all the options as the cloud provider was a dead end.    Thank you,

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