D60 vs. D230 in UC environment

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D60 vs. D230 in UC environment

Hello everyone, long time no talk,


We are being asked to quote a phone system that includes cordless handsets, and are researching our options.  For our business customers, we have traditionally deployed Polycom desk phones (SPIP UC and/or VVX Media UC) with Asterisk as the on-premise PBX and phone config provisioner (res_phoneprov).  I am unfamiliar with Polycom's current cordless/DECT options, and so have been trying to read up on them as much as I can, grabbing the latest copies of UC Admin Guide and Admin Guides for the phones themselves.


I understand that D60 must be paired with a VVX Media desk phone, and runs UC software.  I also see that the D230 is a relatively new model (only released a couple of months ago).  I had been laboring under the impression that D230 was basically a standalone version of the D60, but after finding no reference to D230 in UC Admin Guide & taking a look at its own Admin Guide and seeing that it ships with its own firmware load (versioned as 7.0.0, which doesn't match any line of UC firmware), this appears not to be the case.  References to OBiTALK in the D230 Admin Guide instead suggest that D230 is in fact running a fork of OBiTALK firmware and runs on that platform, not UC.


Nevertheless, the D60 and D230 handsets look nearly identical to me in pictures...is it in actuality the same hardware, just running different software?  Is the behavior of the handset merely dictated by whether it is paired to a D60 base or a D230 base?  If a D230 handset was purchased, could it be paired to a D60 base and act exactly like a D60, or vice-versa (D60 handset paired to D230 base)?  Or do you have to ensure to specifically buy D60 handsets for your D60 base, etc.?


Anyway, in a small office environment composed of a mix of VVX phones running the UC firmware instead of OBi, despite the fact that it cannot be used in a purely standalone fashion, would the D60 still be the recommended cordless product, for *best* interoperability with other handsets, as well as maintaining consistency of provisioning templates across phone models?


For those currently using the D60, can you impart your wisdom & experience on me when it comes to how to best deploy multiple cordless handsets, each with its own extension?  I understand that you can pair multiple handsets to the D60 base, and the VVX desk phone that the base is paired with can be configured to register to the SIP server with multiple extensions (SIP users) that you would then assign to individual cordless handsets.  How fiddly is this config, and would you recommend doing this, or is it experientially better from either a usability or maintainability/administrative standpoint to buy separate D60 base stations (+ an extra VVX desk phone) for each extension?


Also, has anybody tried to use UC User Profiles (FP60688) in conjunction with D60, and if so, how well does that work (if at all)?  I'm guessing that the D60 itself has no native support for User Profiles, but the VVX that the D60 base is paired with can likely log into a User Profile and have the extensions for the individual D60 handsets provided to it in the User Profile config file?  It would be nice if each D60 handset could log into its own User Profile, but I'm guessing that, given that D60 is not a standalone device, this is not possible.  It would be nice to have this confirmed.


Finally, I realize that Polycom likely can't or won't comment about future products or plans, but it never hurts to ask (right?): will the D230 ever be provided in a version with UC firmware, and/or will there be a D230-like standalone DECT product that is built on the Poly UC software platform instead of the OBi one?


Thanks much!


-- Nathan

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Re: D60 vs. D230 in UC environment

Hello @NathanA ,


Welcome back to the Poly Community.

From a Poly perspective:


  • The D60, as already understood by yourself, will always need a VVX phone to be able to provide and assign the lines. The D60 runs its own software which is compatible with the UC Software but not all UC Software features are available.
  • The D230 runs the ObiHai Software
  • Whilst the base and handset looks similar there are differences and a D230 Handset is only compatible with the D230 and the other way round.

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Best Regards

Steffen Baier


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