CX600 Free-Busy status

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CX600 Free-Busy status


I could not find this in the manual, so maybe someone knows this. The CX600 has calendar options. It can connect to the exchange server of our company and display your appointments if I am correct.


But does it also set your status to "Busy" if you have an appointment ? I know that the official Microsoft Lync client can do this if you set the option. Or is this not possible. (So the phone sets your status)


The reason I am asking is that we have some Linux customers who can only use the non official clients. (pidgin etc) and were wondering about this.


Greetings .. John

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Re: CX600 Free-Busy status

Hi John,

The CX600 supports calendar and status changes over the network, which does not rely on the PC client. I've used Pidgin with Lync, but never with a CX device also connected to that account, so I'm not sure if you'd see any variances in behavior.

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Re: CX600 Free-Busy status

The devices can show updated presence information based on Exchange calendar information, but in order for the CX600 to successfully connect to the user's Exchange mailbox the user's AD credentials must be cached on the device.  The only way to do this is by USB-tethering the device to a Windows Lync client at once.  the device can be untethered and even rebooted and will continue to access the Exchange calendar, until those credentials are no longer valid (password expired/changed) at which point it would need to be temporarily re-tethered to import the latest credentials.


See this blog article for a more detailed description of the process: http://blog.schertz.name/2010/12/externally-provisioning-lync-phone-edition-3/

Jeff Schertz - Principal Microsoft Solutions Architect [Blog]

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