550 Random Reboots

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550 Random Reboots

We have 40 Polycom 550 phones and some of them randomly reboot during the day.  They will sometimes reboot while a call is in progress.  The phones that are more heavily used reboot more often than the other phones.  We are not using POE, all of the phones are powered locally with power supplies, and the extra ethernet ports are not being used on any of the phones.  We are using version bootrom:

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Re: 550 Random Reboots

Hi Cooler,

There are two common possible causes to an issue like this:


Something Network/SIP Signaling Related


An issue with the phone's configuration file or other local issue


 I'm assuming you have a boot server (FTP, HTTP, TFTP) ?


To help with troubleshooting the issue, I'd consider the following:

- Did you upgrade from a previous version of SIP software? What version?

    - If so, the files may not have been migrated properly. Try re-provisioning a troublesome phone from Polycom's public server: http://voipt2.polycom.com/331f  and configure the phone from the web interface, and monitor for further issues.

Difference between

     - Does the issue occur on a previous version of software? If not, what version?

- Does the issue only recur on the same phones, or is it random?

    - If the issue is limited to specific phones, what is the Difference between them and the phones that don't have the issue?

- Do the reboots follow a pattern in the user's usage of the phone?

  - If so, what is the user doing at the time of the reboot?

  - Are there any error messages on the screen prior or during the reboot?

  - Do the softkeys (bottom row) disappear prior to the reboot?


You may consider opening a Service Request at http://support.polycom.com, if you need someone to review your configuration files and/or phone logs, or your Certified Reseller for network and PPI services.

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