vsx 7000 won't install upgrade

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vsx 7000 won't install upgrade

When I try and instll the upgrade it transmits 17K, hangs, then says complete. 


It is not complete. 


when I look at the progress bar it is hung at the beginning.


I have erased the flash and started again. 


no luck.



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Re: vsx 7000 won't install upgrade

Hi Joshua,


What version of software are you attempting to install on your VSX 7000?  What version of software is currently installed / was installed on the VSX 7000?


When you currently turn on the system, does it boot to the home screen with the original version of software or does it boot to the bootui?


If it boots to the home screen, I would check a few settings.


1. Is security mode enabled?  System -> Admin -> General Settings -> Security.  If so, I would turn it off.

2. Is FTP enabled on the system? System -> Admin -> General Settings -> Security.  If it is not, please enable it.


Are you attempting to perform this upgrade over your network?  Have you attempted to perform the upgrade using a crossover cable?


Below are the steps.


1. Turn off the VSX

2. Disconnect the network cable from your VSX

3. Boot up the device while holding down 0 on the remote.  This should take you to the bootui screen.  The attempt to obtain an IP address using DHCP will time out and it will assign itself a static IP address of, gateway of, and subnet of

4. On your PC, set a static IP address of, gateway of, and subnet of

5. Connect a crossover cable from your PC to the VSX.

6. Run the softupdate.

7. Enter the IP address of and continue software upgrade


You were on the right track selecting custom when performing the upgrade and checking Erase System Flash Memory.



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Re: vsx 7000 won't install upgrade

Is the LAN connection going into a VSX Visual Concert instead of the VSX?  If yes then during the upgrade process the VSX starts to reboot and because the Visual Concert is powered by the VSX it looses LAN connection.


Try connecting the LAN cable directly to the back of the VSX7000 and rerun the softupdate.


Hope this helps,  Ken... 

Sr. Product Support Technician
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