mptz-7 camera stand by led

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mptz-7 camera stand by led

Hello all,


I am using HDX 9000 with mptz-7 eagle eye camera.


Suddenly,the camera stopped working,when i powered the unit on the camera leds power and stand by were flashing.


HDX 9000 is running 3.0.5 firmware version.


Factory reset did not help.


Any ideas?


Kind Regards,


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Re: mptz-7 camera stand by led

Thanks for providing the information and since you have already done the basic things that we be done in trouble shooting the camera.


A couple of things:  make sure there are no bent pins on the HDCI connector (on both the camera and codec sides).  Is there any way you can test it with another camera/cable.  


Did the system properly identify the camera?



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Re: mptz-7 camera stand by led

Hello again,


I reconnected all the cables and the camera was working fine but yestarday a power outage and the problem appeared again.


It seems like a power issue,i power on the camera first and then the codec so that the codec can read the camera but i need to reboot both units about 15-20 times in order for the camera to work properly.


Thank you in advance,



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