[m100 Telepresence] Problem at launch

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[m100 Telepresence] Problem at launch

Hi everyone,


A client has been using for a while m100 v 1.0.5 with no issues at all.

Now for no reasons, when he launches m100, he has the blue/grayish background of the window that appears but nothing more (see attachement) and to close the app I need to kill the process.

He doesn't have administrative rights so I tried launching being administrator and it worked.

Since he's not administrator I don't think he could have change a setting on window that would do this.


I uninstalled / installed Adobe Air (version 3 and latest) => Not working

I uninstalled 1.0.5 / installed 1.0.7 => nothing.


Still working as adminstrator but not as user.


Any idea would be appreciated.



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