camera shows blank video after wakeup


camera shows blank video after wakeup

Hi experts,


I'm experiencing a problem on a GS endpoint with an EE3 camera. After upgrading from 5.0.0 directly to, customer tried to wake up the codec with his remote controller and got a blank video input. The PTZ control is normal but a blue blank video takes the place of the selfview window. I tried to upgrade to but the problem is still there. Is there any solutions or workarounds?

Any comments or suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.



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Re: camera shows blank video after wakeup

The upgrade should not have anything to do with it and the only way to be sure is to connect the camera to a different system and test it, does it work there?


Is the right camera source selected?


Is the camera image seen at the far end, just not locally?


Have you tried a factory restore of the system?

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