X70 and Eagle Eye 12 USB

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X70 and Eagle Eye 12 USB


we want to install 4 X70 as the G7500 are still not stock and we can´t wait anymore.


In all 4 rooms we want to connect a p300 with MX910 to the x70 in Poly OS Mode to be used for mic and speakers.

I think that should be no problem because we have found a document from poly about that.


In one room we have an eagle eye 12x USB to the opposite side to get the teacher in that room.


so here my 2 questions about that.

Is that possible in Poly OS mode to switch to this camera in the meeting?

Will that also be possible in Teams OS mode?


Our customer will first use Poly OS with RealConnect Service because they switch to teams in July.





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Re: X70 and Eagle Eye 12 USB

Hi @ vizacon,


yes you can. In Poly OS mode you can attach a second camera and switch between the internal cam of the X70 and the external one. 

But in Temas mode this is not possible. For two reasons, firstly because the X70 does not yet support Teams and secondly because the Android Teams App itself does not support a second camera.

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