Wierd HDX 7000 HD camera/image issue

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Wierd HDX 7000 HD camera/image issue

Hello board,


I have a wierd issue with a HDX 7000 HD system. It concerns the image displayed to the near users. Its a dual screen unit, the image projected back to the room is skewed to the left, but that same image is ok to the far away users. Its acting like there are two cameras, but there is only one. Everyone in the call sees video image just fine except the room initiating the call sees skewed video of themselves. I've cleared all camera presets. HDX SW version:

thanks in advance.


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Re: Wierd HDX 7000 HD camera/image issue

One of the things you can check is called dual monitor emulation on monitor#1, make sure that is not check, that will put 2 images on 1 screen, how do you have this attached to the monitor? What resolution are you sending to the monitor?

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