Welcome screen of RMX 2000 from PVX.

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Welcome screen of RMX 2000 from PVX.

Good morning, all...!


We currently have two MCUs. An MGC-50 with MGC Manager v9.0.3.1 in Production and an RMX 2000 v7.6.0.172 in Test phase. Both MCUs are on the same VLAN.  We also have video conferencing Rooms with Codec: VSX7000 and VSX8000 models.


Since the month August the new RMX 2000 is connected and we had not had any problem.


However since the last week we noted that "mysteriously" if we try connect from a PVX v8.0.16.003
(using H.323 Protocol) with an VSX8000 Codec, then the Welcome Screen of the RMX 2000 appears for us...!


The VSX8000 Codec is totally Off, but if we connect to the IP address of the VSX8000 Codec (again, from a PVX)
we connect directly to the Welcome Screen of the RMX 2000 (important: NOT to the Configuration Settings).


How it's possible...? (only happens with that VSX8000 Codec model an it have IP adrress diferent, logically).

The RMX 2000 has its own IP address and we connect through Internet Explorer (Web environment) or using the
program RMX Local Client v7.6.0.172 (RMX Manager).

We turned Off the RMX 2000 and everything is back to normal. But if we turn On the RMX 2000 the same thing happens again. That is, if we try to connect from a PVX at VSX8000 Codec the "RMX 2000 Welcome Screen" appears again.


Is possible that the Software PathNavigator is assigning priorities for the "ID" numbers at MCU levels...?
(I try explain this because the RMX 2000 has an "ID" 3 and the MGC-50 has an "ID" 4).

How is possible that I can see the Welcome screen of the RMX 2000 when we try to connect to he VSX8000 Codec...?
(only happens with this specific Codec).

We are totally confused... Please, someone have any idea...?
Please, some reason or possible explication for solved this problem (H.323 Protocol) with the RMX 2000...?

Thank you very much and sorry for my poor English  :smileyembarrassed:

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