VSX7000a ERFL but now no video

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VSX7000a ERFL but now no video

Ran the following per the KB article but now I get no video to complete step 4.  VSX7000a S/N 870751096CFCAK.  Any thoughts?


User Forgot Password and Cannot Get to Diagnostics To Reset the System


To help ensure the security of the VSX. VSX systems require that you provide new passwords when switching into Security Mode. If you forget the password when Security Mode is enabled, the VSX cannot be reset using the usual methods.

To reset the system, follow these steps:

1. Hold down the 0 button on the remote control while booting the unit, to access the Boot UI screen.

2. Start the ERFL process by pressing the following button sequence on the remote control:

## 33 77 55 Select Select then ### 333 777 555 Select Select Select.

Note:Keep alternating between the two sequences until ERFL starts.

3. Restart the system after the ERFL process is complete. Otherwise, you will have trouble running Softupdate.

4. Run Softupdate.


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Re: VSX7000a ERFL but now no video

Hi Jeff, How do you have this codec attached to your display? S-video or VGA?

You can try and power off the unit and as you are powering the unit back up holding down the Asterisk key on the remote. This should force the unit to boot into VGA mode.

What happens is once you ERFL the unit, it defaults back to S-video.

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