VSX7000 - Video Output Converters/Adapters

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VSX7000 - Video Output Converters/Adapters


I wonder if it is possible and if there is an adapter or converter on the market for the following scenarios:

- VSX7000 - S-VIDEO output for HDMI
- VSX7000 - VGA to HDMI output


Option 1: VGA to HDMI

Option 2: S-VIDEO for HDMI

Which of the above is compatible and functional with the VSX7000?

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Re: VSX7000 - Video Output Converters/Adapters

Whereas the VSX is past its end of life there could not be any testing doento confirm operation of any accessories with it.


I am sure there are multiple devices on the market for doing this function, I would suggest a internet search for devices that will fit your application.


Since the VSX is past its end of life, I would really recommend upgrading your system.  Polycom has some upgrade promotions in progress, contact your Polycom reseller for details.

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