VSX7000 Firmware v8.5

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VSX7000 Firmware v8.5

Where can I download firmware version 8.5 for VSX6000/VSX7000 ? Maybe someone saved the file?
About 2 years ago, the firmware was on the website, now there is only version 9.0
I have a "Upgrade Key Code" only for version 8.5 but there is no firmware file


Using firmware file v9.0, I erased the flash, but I can not write v9.0 because  I have no key for v9.0
And I can not write v8.5 because there is no firmware file


Is it a conspiracy to sell new hardware? It's almost new, ~62 hours and 154 calls :-)


Logs before erase flash:

Model: VSX 7000
Serial Number: 820541066A39AK
Software Version: Release_ru 8.5.3 - 28Feb2007 17:30
Build Information: root on engint00.austin.polycom.com
FPGA Revision: 4.3.0
Main Processor: BSP15 v0.0 ~ Core/Mem Clks 405/135 [3:4 0:3]
Time In Last Call: 0:00:13
Total Time In Calls: 62:41:50
Total Calls: 154

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Re: VSX7000 Firmware v8.5

Nobody knows?


SoftupdateVSXSeries v 8.0.3 (no key needed)

SoftupdateVSXSeries v 8.6.3



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