VSX5000 - cannot change remote access password

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VSX5000 - cannot change remote access password

Hello Polycom Community, I kindly ask your help regarding this remote access password issue with one VSX5000 codec:


1) The codec has the latest F/W Release, but we cannot change the General Settings - Security - Remote Access password via web gui, even when we selected the option "Change Password", there isn't any prompt for ingress the new password, neither "update" button works. The same behavior occurs in firefox 78.3.1 or 1.5.


2) I managed to login into codec via telnet port 23 or 24, but there isn't any command related to password change, and looking in the web, the command Integrator's Reference Manuals only apply for release 8.x. I think in a downgrade but in in support page (https://support.polycom.com/content/support/north-america/usa/en/support/video/vsx-series/vsx5000.ht...) there are only 9.x releases.


I appreciate any help, understanding that this platform is EOL and we have no replacement date for this specific VSX codec on our network yet.



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