VSX 8000 - skinny only?

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VSX 8000 - skinny only?

I have inherited a number of VSX 8000 units that seem to only support skinny / SCCP.  Even through a system reset, they only come back with SCCP in the wizard options.


1.  Are there skinny only versions of the VSX 8000?

2.  Is is possible to apply new software to allow IP calls with these units?


I know I can setup call manager to make IP calls, but I'd prefer to have the units act as standalone IP units if possible.

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Re: VSX 8000 - skinny only?

You will have to do a Factory Restore using the latest version of VSX software.  From the WebUi of the VSX run the soft update and select 'Custom'.  There are other check boxes here that allow for the system software to be erased and upgraded.

The 'Reset' you have been doing only erases system settings and not the operating system.  

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