VSX 7000A (128) - Camera Problems


VSX 7000A (128) - Camera Problems



I wonder if anyone can help me with a weird problem that we are experiencing with our VSX 7000A unit.


Every once in a while, during a point to point or multi point video call the camera will do one of two things;


1. The camera will turn / swivel off to one direction. It's always the same direction but it does it for no apparent reason. This is without the remote control being touched and the 'far control of near camera' is not activated.


2. The camera will totally loses focus and just become a blur on the screen. It's not a case of network / bandwidth pixalation or anything because even the display on the local end is very blurry.


We are running the following firmware, which I think is the latest, maybe someone can confirm this - Release - 29Sep2010 12:56


Has anyone out there seen any such issues before? Please help it's driving my boss (and me) mad.







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Re: VSX 7000A (128) - Camera Problems

This appears to be a physical problem with the camera and more than likely needs to be replaced.

Please open a service request by calling 888-248-4143 option 4





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Re: VSX 7000A (128) - Camera Problems

I know have the same blurry issue with one of our VSX 7000 cameras.  This unit is no longer under warranty or even supported by Polycom so I'm told.  Did you resolve the issue?  If so how.  Thanks. 

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